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Hi Natural Med fam,

Today I'm here with a long overdue post in the Natural Medicine community! Also my first time trying out and I love it! :D Seeing all of the content on here is great!


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Oiled Up

So we've been collecting and using Essential Oils for what feels like forever but is about 7 years now. It feels like last year when we started getting into it but boy does time fly!

We seem to have a pretty substantial collection, and we didn't even realize it lol. Funny enough, this isn't even 100% of our bottles! Some are at my office on my work desk where I haven't been in months and we have others in our cars as well as at the lake house. Needless to say we have a hell of a lot of oils LOL.

Each of these oils and blends is a definite key component of how our family stays healthy and well especially in these challenging times, and in any other time regardless of the latest trend of fear inserted by the media. We all know that we need lots of ways to stay healthy and boost our bodies functionality naturally, as well as cost effectively, so essential oils are an amazing fit to that!

In the picture below, I tried to separate them out as best I could. The middle is all blends. The blends on the right are this cool essential oil company we signed up for called DoTerra and received some excellent oil blends. Some aren't even sold in the United States for whatever reason, so that was a great score! Besides that, they smell wonderful so lots of benefits there.


I've highlighted some of the oils that we seem to have quite a few versions of lol. This one here is Peppermint and it's definitely a key one to have around if one is fighting off some sickness. I think it helps with nasal drainage and related issues. I wish I could remember some of the ways that these oils help us but there's a lot of them thankfully, so it tends to blur a little bit until we do a refresher!


Here is a picture of the large blend collection we have. Most of these were just random packs we grabbed and looked like they would be helpful. We honestly haven't done too much to use them but a lot of that was because our son has been too young to put some of these oils in a diffuser. He's old enough now that a good amount of the oils can be diffused in the air but we try to be conservative on that, we don't want to introduce any respiratory issues or other things for his little developing body.


These are the really great blends we got from the DoTerra company. They are some really awesome blends. Our favorites have definitely been the Siberian Fir, it's got a lot of great pine smells in it! The protection blend and breathe blend are also great to have in any scenario but particularly in the winter months when we catch colds and whatnot.


Some of my favorite oils right here! This stems from my skin cancer battle earlier this year. The Frankincense Carteri oil definitely helped eliminate that for me! What ended up being the most significant factor for me getting rid of it was the awesome blend of Apple Cider Vinegar and Eggplant. If you're interested we can talk more about that wonderful mixture! The Frankincense oils smell awesome as well, so that was a great added benefit of that.


Some random ones here that we had a few of as well as some others. Rosemary was a good one to have when we had some indoor plants. We ended up getting little aphids or something on our indoor basil plant. Rosemary, soap and water killed the little buggers! Solid choice to have around. Lemongrass is an awesome one to have during the summer months to combine with Tea Tree I think for an oil-based, non-toxic mosquito and bug spray! Definitely helped us this past summer, those little nuisances were everywhere.

Some more of the important oils we have but not necessarily had many of. Orange has a great smell to it and is really good for alertness I think it is. If you're feeling tired or groggy, take a nice sniff of the orange and it's a natural pick-me-up! Helpful to have indeed.

Eucalyptus has been one of the best ones to have in the cabinet. We have only two bottles now but we tend to use that one pretty heavily with my wifes allergies that act up periodically. They really bust the shit out of a sinus and upper respiratory infection! Huge help there.

Tea tree has been one of my favorites. It kills all kinds of stuff! I had to use this on a few skin issues I was having, that I may elaborate on in a later post since I'm always looking for content to put out lately! It's also a good one to have for the bug repellant I mentioned above.

Lavender is important to have in the cabinet. Sometimes we have some sleeping issues, mainly due to the over-use of technology unfortunately but having some nice lavender around helps reduce the length of time we are stuck awake. That and some magnesium spray that we spray on our feet really knocks you out and helps ensure a solid night sleep!



I was also curious to see how my curation account for the Natural Medicine tribe is doing and I'm really glad to see that it's voting at I think 50% but among the top accounts for token stake for voting! I just keep stacking the tokens, adding it to the account and making the votes better and better every time. Love being able to do this for my friends here! :D I enjoy being able to contribute as much as I can to the longevity of projects like this one!


I wanted to enter this as part of the contest in the link below! I think it might fit the herbs for stress challenge, given that there's lots of different uses and stuff for these oils, related to herbs and otherwise! If it doesn't qualify that's totally fine, I don't want to take a spot from someone who does!

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How has that skin cancer issue been going recently? Are you doing a preventative regime?

It's been very good! I am going to do a post about it soon but knock on wood no issues once I started to consistently use the ACV and eggplant mixture! I did that for two weeks after I couldn't feel it any longer and occasionally use what's left of the coconut oil and Frankincense concoction I have left.

That's fantastic news. Hubby's has settled down, but I'm continuing with the oregano infused coconut oil. I've just been given some frankincense oil as well. Do you use they neat or in with the coconut oil?


It's important that you have the correct genus of Frankincense for skin cancer issues. What is the Frankincense? There is Frankincense Carteri, Frankincense Serrata and two others. Carteri is the one that has the skin cancer properties. Serrata has an anti-inflammatory and pain relieving one. I will find my bookmark with that info!

Glad to hear that your husband's has done well! If it get's bad, tell him to suck it up and do the ACV and eggplant. That was what worked the most noticeably, the fastest. I know you said he isn't into this stuff and getting him to do this hasn't been easy but it's best to get rid of it altogether!

It says boswellia carterii on the bottle, so it looks like I struck gold!

He's actually been a bit easier to convince, lately, so if it comes to it I might be able to convince him on the acv and eggplant. I've recently been told oregano oil is actually quite potent for it in essential oil form, so the infused oil did work out to be a good choice, just not as strong.

That’s great that he’s coming around to it lol. Usually if they see how well it does they will be more apt to listen to more about it! That’s great about oregano oil as well. We have a fair amount of that in the house so it’s good to have a big selection!

Here are the links for the frankincense and ACV stuff. Kept them bookmarked!

Thank you for the links. Very much appreciated.

PS: I see it helps arthritis as well, something else that's been flaring up for him recently.

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This is an awesome post and perfect for the challenge! I have a box full of oils like this and I love opening it just to sniff it! I'm a fan of the SMELL of ylang ylang and a good patchouli and sandalwood - but the more medicinal ones like tea tree and eucapyptus and oregano I can't do without. What a fabulous post!

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Opening the drawer that's got the bulk of the essential oils is a pleasant assault on the olfactory bulb! LOL. Lots of mixtures of different stuff going on there!

I don't know if I've got ylang ylang or heard of it but I will see if I can find some! We do have a patchouli somewhere but I cant' seem to find it. I do love a sandalwood but my favorite lately has been the fir concoction that we got from DoTerra. Stuff smells like Christmas! It's awesome!

We are definitely stacked with lots of the medicinal ones more than anything, given how often we use them personally lol

Appreciate you checking it out :D

This is an awesome post and perfect for the challenge! I have a box full of oils like this and I love opening it just to sniff it! I'm a fan of the SMELL of ylang ylang and a good patchouli and sandalwood - but the more medicinal ones like tea tree and eucapyptus and oregano I can't do without. What a fabulous post!

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Haha insane! :D
I am soo behind in this field, its just very expensive in Denmark, I feel like :c

It is a little expensive, yes but the benefits are wonderful! Sometimes bottles like the Frankincense cost me 10$ for one but given it's ability to really destroy skin cancer cells among other things, it was well worth it! There are really great ones that are pretty inexpensive nowadays like Tea Tree, Eucalyptus and some others that you can pick up and have for lots of different situations. Stuff works wonders!

I just love to go premium for stuff like this too get the full effect or best effect without anything unnessercery in it :D

I used like a quite expensive CBD Oil sometime back.

Yeah I hear you about the premium stuff. As long as it's therapeutic grade you should be good with essential oils. You don't necessarily need to opt for organic for many cases.

Love some CBD oil. We use it routinely for things like aches and pains as a lotion. Works great!

Therapeutic grade, will keep that in mind :D

I used CBD to calm down my adhd a while back :D

I have also used Califorina Poppy seed Extract for calmness :D

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Awesome, thank you! Appreciate it!

you've a huge set! do they cost much in your place?

Thanks! They are a little expensive sometimes but it depends on what it is. Tea tree oil, peppermint, eucalyptus and a few others are very common and you can get them in many stores, even starting in some grocery stores. The other ones like frankincense are harder to find so we buy them online. Once you start to notice them you will see them in a lot more places!