Shamanic Tarot: The World

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In this video I give my interpretation of the World card. If you missed it, my introduction video to this series is here.

Music: Creative Minds by Bensound
Additional footage: Pixabay

Footer by @ryivhnn

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that was great and had a good message

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I love this tarot because on ancestral culture, Diyocoi(Deer) is the animal of creation. He, like Shiva became himself a deer when wanted die. I love the tarot, I have a mistic one, and @towatia show me a crowley one and its amazing too!

Good videos, I realy enjoy it each one.

I did read it. And I loved it. It´s a beautifull tarot. And Aleister Crowley tarot its also a great one, because crowley was a clever guy.

Certainly the totem of the heart chakra is the deer, its color is green, which represents the ability to self-regenerate. Green also, is the most abundant color in nature.

The deer is an animal whose power consists of its ability to be attentive, on its speed to respond, its gentleness and grace. It is really an arduous task to access the power that the deer offers, the power that makes possible opening the heart to others, and allows access to higher energy centers, enabling us to connect with the universe through this portal.

And was Lord Krishna, not Shiva, shiva means that what is not, the destructor of our ignorance ;*


And was Krishna, not Shiva, shiva means that what is not, the destructor of our inner