Shamanic Tarot: The Fool

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In this video I give my interpretation of the Fool card. If you missed it, my introduction video to this series is here.

Music: Dreams by Bensound
Additional footage: Pixabay

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Footer by @ryivhnn

 2 months ago 

It's funny that when I started exploring spirituality I was drawn pretty quickly to the fool archetype. It radiates pretty strongly with my current path. You might enjoy this talk if you get some time to check it out:

Oof. That's long. Will check it out later.

I found a version of that speech without all the music, since it just annoyed me :) But yeah Alan Watts knew the deal, that's for sure.

Excellent video! Your connection to the card is quite palpable and you have excellent focus. Poetic descriptions as well. I too have attended many Ayahuasca ceremonies which have been crucial for my self-development.

When I saw the card I thought of Odin, whom I'm profoundly connected with, and also Tom Bombadil, a character in Tolkien's Legendarium. Thank you for this!

Thanks for you kind words! Ooh, I love Tolkein even though most of his books are a tough read (i.e. you need about 3 bookmarks so you can go back and reference stuff).

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