Benefit Noni

in Natural Medicine3 months ago

Although it is a fruit it is unknown even by many people, this is a fruit that has a very peculiar smell and taste, when people are near this tree, its unpleasant smell invites you to eat one of them. But the great benefits of this great fruit will surprise you, you will include it in your daily diet, it is called a superfood for your cells.


This has an ovoid shape, its color is green when it reaches maturity it turns a pale yellow, it has a penetrating and very unpleasant smell, but its large components make it called an elixir of youth thanks to its vitamins and minerals, antioxidants (selenium , xeronine, lignans, scopoletin, anthraquinones and terpenes), which confer a cleansing and regenerating effect on the skin and cell membranes, iridoids, terpenes, triterpenes, sterols, flavonoids, lignans, steroids, fatty acid esters with sugar, vitamins and minerals: 5 we find scopoletin, damnacantal, ascorbic acid, linoleic acid, caprylic, caproic acids, glucopyranose, acubin, asperuloside, quercetin, iron.


  • It favors the digestive system: Thanks to its antimicrobial and antiparasitic properties, it helps in the treatment of ulcers, gastritis or intestinal parasites.

  • Analgesic and anti-inflammatory: It has a sedative and anti-inflammatory effect.

-Improves the immune system: It is a polysaccharide stimulating T lymphocytes (white blood cells) by increasing defenses.

  • Reduces triglycerides and blood cholesterol.

  • Cancer prevention

  • Helps control diabetes.

  • Antioxidant power: Because it contains antioxidants, where selenium, xeronine, lignans, anthraquinones, terpenes and scopoletin stand out.

Other benefits:

-Infections, arthritis, diabetes, asthma, hypertension, migraines, or menstrual irregularities.