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RE: Homemade Veggie Dogs on Fresh Buns, Hearty Winter Soups, Breaded Cauliflower Sandwiches And More!!

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Such great recipes surround me here. I was really impressed with @blackberryskunk and her delicious homemade hotdogs. Must give it a try. Her bread looks like fresh goodness yum.

@plantstoplanks the superhero had tasty beautiful soups that also nourish us by looking at them.

I have finally gotten snow fungus the other day for the first time in my life. @sreypov 's salad was the clincher. It just looks like everything I want on a plate. I haven't made it yet. I am a little scared but I will follow her instructions.

@karmadorje has cookies that I would like as I am not usually a fan of regular cookies. I must try them. Coconuts and bananas sound like desert or breakfast without feeling guilty.

It would be nice if we could all gather for a potluck haha.


I imagine you have easy access to East Asian ingredients in Canada, especially if you were in Vancouver. The snow fungus is not as difficult to work with as it initially seems. I've recently discovered the Chinese really like to use it in desserts, so I'm brewing an idea of my own for a snow fungus dessert. Thanks for stopping by chef! !ENGAGE 70

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Oh gosh, a potluck really would be so amazing! Could you imagine? Really so many yummy foods Justin always finds to put together in the curation. 💚

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