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RE: A Vegan take on Garlic Parmesan Cabbage

in Natural Medicine3 months ago

A tremendous mess is all part of the food fun @herbertholmes2! I appreciate your style of writing. And your recipe is my type of cooking. Impromtu and colourful. I was vegetarian for many years. I love cheese and honey (not necessarily together) too much to go vegan. That's probably why I like your "vegan take". I agree with you with the little hive workers being an inspiration. Which would make you one of them!


Thank you!! Yes cheese is one of the things keeping me from being “vegan”. Dairy in general- I can’t help it haha.

You know, this may sound pretty dumb(or definitely does), but I never really thought of honey as an animal product until reading your comment. Obviously it is haha. Sometimes the brain doesn’t work

Not at all dumb. We have hives on our homestead and it's very much a part of our daily meals. I never see it as animal either. But I learned pretty quickly