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Oh very nice! I've never seen larb made with strips through. Is that so you can cook the tofu?

Traditionally larb is always crumbled right? You ever make it from raw tofu (or tempeh for those of us who don't eat soy) just crumbled? That's how I've seen it done in the vegan restaurants in Chiang Mai.

Mushroom larb has become a big fav, but we use a lot more greens.

I love the toasted rice powder and have been making my own from black rice for larb. YUM.

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I never make it raw, I made it never crumbled because I fry it then cut it small. I was made it from tempeh also but with tofu than more yum. When I in Cambodia I made larb from mushrooms more. Thank you very much 😊. I am sorry if I write wrong because I can't understand all.