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RE: Introduceyourself: Indigenous chief and Shaman Rufino Ponare arriving Blockchain [Esp-Eng]

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Appreciate you documenting your perspective of this particular culture and wisdom - one of soooo many groups, tribes and people's living calmly, in the old way, in many countries round the world.

Perhaps you could also cite some anthropological works about this Tribe in your articles for those of us truly fascinated and wanting to learn more? I'm sure much has been written - 5 mins on google tells me this is a very well studied tribal group speaking as many as 6 different languages across 3 (possibly more) countries. It's important for us to get a broader sense of how the world views and values indigenous people too.

What will you do with the Hive earnings from this account @auelitairene? Is it to support the much bigger tourist infrastructure they are building?


Yeah thanks you so much! I will do a post answering you’re doubts I understand the importance and I’m agree.

Al rewards of this account will go to help the shaman with the expenses of the de construction in addition to the expenses they present in the comunity.

Gotta say the SIZE of this BIG tourist building (to fit 150 people, no?) worries me - that many people may destroy whatever culture there is left.

@artemislives I think that @auelitairene may not have meant 'tourists' as we do. In english it just refers to people on vacation, but if I am understanding the post correctly the word visitors would fit better. I know that here in the United States many of the tribes used to build a large single building (like the longhouse) for use, especially when everyone gets together, and most especially in a place where the winters are cold. It's more like an all-in-one building, and I am familiar with many tribes having that set-up. Since they have so many family members that live in a more "modern" setting away from their people (perhaps this is what the creole term is) I would imagine a challenge of getting those folks to come to visit would be a lack of modern amenities that they are used to, so to entice them to continue to visit and learn of their own culture, compromises are made. Now, that doesn't mean they are not taking visitors and generating money through tourism, but I suspect it's nothing like "tourism" as we would think of.

Thank you so much for helping us with the explanation, sometimes the misuse of some words can make the difference between good and bad communication. I thank you for taking the time and connecting in such a genuine way. Adiwa!

Oh no, I dont no explain me good... at no point did I say those 150 people were only tourists.

I explain you a little better, the churuata is the family's home, the shaman, the grandmother, her children, grandchildren, young people from the community that the grandfather receives and teaches. they all live inside the churuata, they sleep in hammocks and for example in important ceremonies like the Dädä that is when they receive the most tourists, all the assistants must sleep in hammocks and that takes up space... always the group is of maximum 17 people.

But the dädä is a family celebration and people come from all over and fill the churuata.

Thank you for the clarification. Appreciated. It isn't clear. It is, of course, their choice to become a tourist location and earn money from that, and I seriously respect your decision to help them raise money for that.

Yes, maybe my efforts to explain you can be in vain. you should also make an effort to understand as my lack of language may be limiting. I will try to make a post on my account so that everyone can see what I have seen; maybe I will communicate your appreciated doubts to the shaman so that he can answer you at some point, I am sure he must have more appropriate words. At the moment I think that's what I can offer you. Not everything we think can be like that, sometimes just as we think badly of people, we should try to put ourselves in their shoes and rather ask ourselves what makes them act the way they do.

My work here is only to help them and all my work during the quarantine has been to help them, without earning 1 cent from any project, including my personal account and that is that I know that the current situation of the country makes it very difficult for them to survive, I have been with them and I have seen their problems with young people who become criminals under the influence of the guerrillas and the new communities that the government has put close to them by invading their lands, they have dug and exploited their mountains in search of diamonds or gold and they are directly affected.

Thank you for your good energies and support!