We are Rich In Nature

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The most beautiful part of exploring nature is healing yourself from all the greed madness of modernity.

I walk into my old memories filled with blessings and gratitude. I discovered a lot about gardening and made use of the many resources of infinite nature.

This article begins with a photo of me holding Guava fruits that are easy to find in Indonesia. That was my activity to harvest Guava fruits from a small forest.

You can see my video here:


Harvesting Wild Guava Fruit

Free fruit from nature? Say yes to wild fruit! I found a guava tree that has a lot of ripe fruit.

I was very excited to pick the ripe guava fruit directly from the tree. Looks very fresh and delicious!


The most beautiful part of exploring nature is healing yourself from all the greed madness of modernity. We not only understand about the deepest part of ourselves, but we heal the wound from the scratches of such high desire, only with the fresh air of simplicity.



We walk deeper and deeper on the path of life. We will find simplicity. About meaningful wild plants, creating happiness on the dining table.


Wild Golden Berries

Then we learn to transfer the blessings of nature in our gardens, to our loved ones. Every morning we will see the dew drops on the plants. It is like universal compassion treating human imperfection.


Melinjau Leaves/Gnetum Gnemon Leaves Tea to Cure Constipation

We heal ourselves as well as beautify ourselves. For example, if there is constipation, I will drink "Melinjau leaf tea", a recipe passed down from my mother.


A Home-made Natural Hair Care From Urang Aring (Eclipta Alba)

To blacken and smooth the hair of my Asian descent, there is an "Urang-Aring plant" which has always succeeded in becoming the people's hair care recipe here.


Or about how the turmeric herb treats my menstrual cramps. It became my life-saving drink.

This medicinal turmeric drink has a delicious and fresh taste. Because of the combination of tamarind and palm sugar. It feels like not taking medicine.


When the earth embraces us with the lonely cold, we know that the earth also prepares a warm blanket with various ingredients grown from the chest of the earth.


We will be warm in the arms of the earth, like ginger that warms our souls, spices up feelings of loneliness into more meaningful mindfulness.

This drink is worth a try for your drink list at night or on a rainy day to warm you up.

Then when we wake up feeling bored and don't want to step outside the house to struggle.

We look around, what can be served to our bodies that need food but actually our souls need it the most.

I have served oats with natural coloring from Butterfly Pea Flowers.


Butterfly Pea Flower Oats With Chopped Brown Sugar and Bananas

Then, what if we want to go back to childhood who didn't want to worry about anything? We enjoy sweets while laughing and looking up at the sky. We want to be the best version of ourselves, not the best version of the person we say we are.

I serve banana ice cream which brings you moments of happiness and moments without worries.


Dreamy Vegan Ice Cream Recipe! Homemade is Happiness


Herbs greet your sense of smell happily. From gardens that teach you blissful simplicity.

The fragrance of basil that imagines us about Thai Green Curry or Pesto Basil and the jar of longing that we preserve to survive in the countryside.


Kemangi: Local Basil in Indonesia

Have we been grateful today for many blessings that we might have missed?

Thank you for reading my blog and reblog if you want my blog this time worthy of reading by others.


All pictures were my own properties.

Best Regards,
Anggrek Lestari

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Who is Anggrek Lestari?

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Celebrating the abundance in Nature, is one of the most healing things we can do, for mind, body and spirit. How lucky we are to be surrounded by wild plants and tree's that have so may medicinal properties. Thanks for sharing your celebration xxxx

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We must always be grateful to Mother Nature, Mother Earth, for all that she offers us and gives us every day, as this allows us to connect with our purest essence: Being human and being part of this creation. We are lucky if we have a green space to be able to be there and recharge our energy on a daily basis. Very beautiful post. Greetings.

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Must grateful every day :)

Thanks @sirenahippie for your beautiful feedback

Indonesia punya tanah yang subur dan gabisa dipungkiri sih kekayaan alamnya selain indah juga menyehatkan. Lempar tomat busuk aja bisa tbtb jadi pohon disamping rumah :D

Setuju sekaliii :)

I love your post, your form of write it's so good, and have a mystic uniqueness

I love so much writing so I just share my pieces of thoughts. Thanks for stopping by

There is nothing like nature’s healing :)

Wow! I’m gonna have to check out that turmeric drink because I get very painful menstrual cramps. Thanks for sharing the link.

Love those beautiful natural colors in the butterfly pea flower oats!

Lovely read @anggreklestari ~

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I got the natural remedy recipe from my Mom. Before it, I have to drink ‘industrial’ medicine and that's like ‘hard drugs’ so after drink from my mom recipe, I feel get better now.

Thanks for reading ❤️😘

Wow terlihat sangat menggoda, buahnya


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We are surrounded with amazing free to use produce...we just need to open that 3rd eye and realize it.
One of my main passion is to do foraging...picking up wild fruits and herbs there in the forest.
Wish you a great day ahead.

Nice post! Nature is love and we all should adore it. Seeing your own plants and trees bearing fruits is such a nice feeling. I am also growing some these days, will share pictures soon as soon as i see fruits around. Keep doing this, this is the best!