Stir-Fried Pumpkin For Plant-Based Simple Daily Side Dish

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A Plant-Based Side Dish Recipe
With Food Photography

I came to you with a recipe from the countryside that was simple but it helped us add a good taste to our bland rice.

Indonesians tend to be unfamiliar with pumpkin soup, but are more familiar with stir-fried dishes like stir-fried pumpkin.

What Ingredients Are Added in Stir-Fried Pumpkin Stir-Fry?


The stir-fried pumpkin flavor enhancer comes from savory ingredients such as dried anchovies and small prawns from local areas in Indonesia, and or mushroom broth. But as people who live in the countryside, not from the seaside or the sea, it is difficult for people like me to buy expensive anchovies or prawns.

That's why my cooking is also used without animal protein sources. I'm just not used to it.


Mushrooms are the best and possible option to add to this dish. I often find edible wild mushrooms in dry wood in my garden. As in this recipe, I add mushrooms.

Mushroom Tastes Like Meat. Do You Believe It?


My mother and I had the thought that mushrooms taste like chicken meat. Especially the mushrooms with a thick texture.

Mushrooms are a blessing for us. Because at this time in the countryside it is also increasingly difficult to find edible wild mushrooms. The soils are not as fertile as they used to be and the environment is not as natural as it used to be.

So, we would love to find edible wild mushrooms, then mix them with other ingredients for a side dish.

What do you think about the taste of mushrooms? Similar to chicken meat?



We can make great healthy snacks from pumpkin seeds. We can roast pumpkin seeds in olive oil and some of our favorite seasonings like pepper, cinnamon powder, and a pinch of salt.


Important tips if you want to make roasted pumpkin seeds, don't forget to boil the pumpkin seeds first for about 10-20 minutes. Then roasted them.



The ingredients are very simple. Here I use local spices. Red chilies, green chilies, red onion, garlic, and tomato.

For additional ingredients, you can use campion/button mushrooms.

Avoid adding vegetables that are soft texture like green leafy. You can add broccoli or cauliflower, or baby corn for a more blended overall texture and harmonize delicious flavors.

Add mushroom broth to enhance the savory taste. It is important to add a savory taste to the stir-fried pumpkin because the basic taste of pumpkin is sweet. So we have to balance the sweetness with something savory.



What's the most pleasing thing for a stir-fried-like dish? Yeeep, we only need to use the technique of stirring the vegetables with the spices that have been previously cooked in hot oil until they smell good!

So, we only need to saute the spices that have been cut beforehand. Cook until fragrant, then add the squash and other complementary vegetables.

Add just a little water. Don't put too much of it, as the pumpkin already contains water, and the texture will get soggy if there is too much water. It would be disgusting to the end if it was too mushy.

Don't forget to check the taste at the end before we remove them from a pan.





Serve Stir-Fried Pumpkin with warm rice. It was like our little heaven in the countryside. Well, if you have fried onions, add them on top of the Stir-Fried Pumpkin. It will be perfect!


How about crackers? Ah, of course, we Indonesians like to add crackers to our side dishes.

Here I use red crackers.


What do you think of my simple recipe this time? Interested in trying this recipe in your kitchen?


Thank you for reading my blog and reblog if you want my blog this time worthy of reading by others.


All pictures were taken with iPhone 11.

Best Regards,
Anggrek Lestari

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Such a beautiful colors! Absolutely love your vibrant food styling. Well done Sweetie 🌸💖🌸

Thank you so much ❤️🌸🌸🌸 @lenasveganliving

I love your colourful foodie photos @anggreklestari! That yellow and pink is so striking. And of course I love pumpkin seed in everything. It's wonderful to see you still sharing your delicious recipes. I've been offline for two years and then lost my keys so starting over. But I remember your posts and look forward to more

I hope your account is save for now.

Waiting for your recipe :)

Thank you @anggreklestari! We've backed up all over the place this time! Just posted my recipe. It's a chocolate recipe and uses nuts instead of seed. But delicious. Healthy. Vegan

You can post through Foodies Community too. That’s under my curation job too :)
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Here's the link, please use for better performance:

Thank you so much!!

What an appealing dish, I am always looking for pumpkin inspiration because they are in abundance around us. Thanks for sharing.

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Me too. So looking around NM Chef is the best option for us. Many great recipes on Natural Medicine Community :)

Have a great day!

You never fail!


Such a nice colorful dish. And your plating - 100 on 100 as always.

Thanks! <3

We cook pumpkin almost similarly, except for the chillis. We'd add other veggies like bitter gourd, string beans, okra, and eggplant, then the umami flavor would come from fermented fish or shrimp paste.

I always love your presentation. Your food photography is A-level!

Yeeees as I mentioned dried shrimp or fish. But I won't use them.

Thanks for stopping by ❤️

Hi frends, I must say that I really liked your publication. Here in Venezuela we eat pumpkin a lot, we use it in vegetable soup, in cream, we make a very tasty sweet cake, but we never make it sautéed. Seeing how appetizing your pictures are, I am sure I will dare to make the recipe, I just have a doubt: as the pumpkin (here we call it auyama) is very hard, before sautéing it, do you cook it first? Excuse my bad English, I don't speak it very well.

Hi, @aramza thanks for your intention to want to cook my recipe in the future.

That's okay with the hard texture of pumpkin. It will be easier to smooth like sweet potatoes and potatoes.

Thanks for your reply. I'll let you know how it turned out 😉 Best regards.

Ohhhh, I must write down your receipe 😻 I love everything related to pumpkin, but will reduce chilies as cannot eat spicy 🙈 Your food look so appealing 😋

I'm glad you take a look at my recipe. I'm happy to make other eyes happy with my food pictures.

I love plant - based food, near my place, there is so good plant based vegan 😋

Cantik banget warnanya 😍

Makasih kakak :)

I had to admit that I never actually ate any pumpkin in my life (for real haha)
BUT your pictures make me want to!! Again, stunning set of pictures, loving them!
Thanks for taking the time to present this so nicely with all the vibrant colors..

And have a happy weekend ;)

In here so easily to find pumpkin so yeah I have to use them often at my kitchen :)

Hey, have a great weekend!

I think around Halloween there are plenty here too, I've seen them. But I never tried a recipe with pumpkin in my life..

Thank you, I think that will be easy, the weather will be nice I think..

looks so freaking good and the presentation, I don't know what to say. Completely lost my words.

oh thank you! I still learn for everything 😊

Wow ,,,,I like sweet pumpkin,,,Seeing the cooking is making want to eat,,,Looks like there have been a lot of taste,..

Thank, sister :)

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