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RE: DIY - Rosemary Spritz

in Natural Medicine2 months ago

Here I rely on aloe vera for the health of my hair. Your homemade spritz looks amazing!

Anyway, I was always curious like Rosemary because I didn't know them firsthand.


Hello @anggreklestari
Aloe Vera is another bible plant :)
I could have used aloe Vera instead of the rose water and that would have been a great combination too. I was actually wishing I had some, then remembered that rose water could do the trick too!
Rosemary is amazing. You'll see and feel a massive improvement in your hair, in terms of growth, volume, strength, texture, and sheen.
You can save the infusion in your fridge for about 2 weeks.
Apple Cider Vinegar is also great! :)

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