Hate Your Bad Habits Instead Hate Others

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There are times when you may want to hate something because of your excessive energy. Many people become reckless in acting in public because they have excess energy but do not rethink their actions, ultimately causing negative things that hurt others.

I think humans have a great ability when it comes to distractions. We can use this ability to divert our hatred.

Maybe you hate someone and it makes you filled with negative energy, reducing your productivity. You hate someone's attitude so much that you forget to look deeper at yourself.

Some say that haters are someone who likes us but they are just jealous because they can't be like us. So it can be concluded that behind our hatred, we pay more attention to the things we hate. It would be great if you turned that attention to something else.


Instead of constantly paying attention to the person you hate, you are busy making sure the person you hate will not be happy, you better make sure you are happy. Change your energy to work doing positive things for you.

It is better if you hate your bad habits. This will only bring positive change because you will try to change the bad character that you hate.

At least by hating your vices, you are using your energy not to hurt others. And you don't hurt yourself. You only hate your vices, not yourself. After all, this is a process to make yourself avoid giving negative energy to others.

It will be hard not to hate other people, but it will be harder for you later if you become a hater. The world will never look fair to you.

So instead of hating other people, hate your bad habits to change.

Instead of finding fault with others to hate, find fault with yourself to hate and change for the better.


Spread the positives as little as possible. :)

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Hei @anggreklestari are you from indonesia too?


I try not to hate, even my bad habits, I like to forgive, for me it's a good way to take full responsibility.

❤️ great advice