Beware of Your Mindset For Your Personal Growth

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The other people who may always put you down are never more terrible than your mindset. You can easily fight other people who don't respect you. But, can you easily fight yourself who do not fully respect yourself? Not necessarily. This is not an easy matter.

Pay More Attention to Your Mindset


Don't underestimate your mindset. Your whole life is determined by this. Will you be driven by your mindset, or will you be in control of your mindset?

If there is something wrong with you, your mindset can be the cause.

You may fail at something often. You are not strong enough to tell yourself to say "don't do this, it's not good".

Understanding how your mind works, how your mind can manipulate bad things into good things, and vice versa, is important for the success of your life. Usually I learn from Youtube how to manage our mindset.

So never forget to manage your mindset instead of being busy struggling with this and that. Fixing your mindset first is a good start for your change.

Your Mind Is Afraid Of Pain, But You Are Stronger More Than You Think


Have you heard quotes about fear, limitations, which are only in your mind, to stop you? It is true. Your mind is protecting you from feeling pain. Your mind is afraid that if you do new things, it will be uncomfortable and painful for you.

When striving for something we do face pain and discomfort. At some point, we will give up—if we can't handle our thoughts anymore, we fail to fight our thoughts that keep telling us we can't bear the pain anymore.

Our mindset is the first cause of our failure. If you start to feel down mentally, try to calm yourself down. At this stage you need to talk to yourself, talk to your mind. Manage your mindset. This is an attack inside you, not outside you.


If your mind says you have to give up while doing something you are struggling with, tell yourself, to your mind, “It's okay, it doesn't matter if it will hurt. Something that doesn't kill us, it will strengthen us. "

Happy celebrating the new year. Stay strong, and I believe in us there is a great power waiting for us to use, at least for us to dare to use it.

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Well said, you either are ruled by what others think of you or by what you think of yourself. Mindset is everything, perception is everything.

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Health inside, strong outside. That's the goals of positive mindset. Thank you so much for reading.

Have a great day.

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