How has Yoga affected my life? ๐Ÿ’Š #1 I expose my vulnerabilities regarding Truth, Truthfulness and Stop Running Away

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I have never written before the presentation of myself and the opportunity to have written 4 pills on yoga, it is the opportunity to share with you some of my personal experiences with references to some that occurred in my tender age.
I hope you can appreciate!

Thanks to yoga, I am getting closer to understanding - through direct experience - many aspects previously unknown or underestimated to me.

In this post on the topic, I will try to deepen the following concepts / themes:

  • Truth, truthfulness
  • Stop running away

In my next pills, I will try to deepen the following concepts / themes:

  • Money and greed
  • Equanimity
  • Life & Death
  • Mental vortices
  • Mantra (and Kirtan)
  • Unity and oneness
  • Distractions and attractions

Stay tuned!

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Photo by Paul on Unsplash

Truth - truthfulness

Even before I met yoga, I had an interest in understanding and sharing truth, although in many aspects of my life I had not been truthful and probably I am certainly not completely even now.

Perhaps my yoga teacher, who follows my activity on FaceBook, has a vague idea of โ€‹โ€‹how much time I have spent sharing the exhibition of EVIDENCE that lead to understanding the reality of the events that happened at the WTC in New York on September 11, 2001 In fact, many facts are unknown or ignored by the vast majority of people who, often in good faith, are led to repeat falsified facts and ideas, thus perpetuating the forgery in which they have more or less naively believed.

Yoga led me to glimpse a decidedly higher level truth, namely that the current experience of earthly life takes place in a completely illusory reality, fueled by the objective limitation of my senses and by the duality of this earthly dimension.

This further clarified that the main work I have to do on myself, going to explore my inner reality to be able to see beyond the veil of illusory reality.

Despite this, I continue to feel the need to share with others the lowest level of knowledge that I have experienced directly: I still have to realize if it is doing well or badly to take so long to indulge this "feeling".

Finally, I'm learning to keep quiet about things I haven't had direct experience with yet.



Stop running away

During the winter yoga retreat of two years ago, a short sentence - privately addressed to me by my teacher - that I "was running away" or "I had to stop running away" had struck me deeply and made me think.

I immediately asked myself: run away from whom or from what? And why?
Soon I realized, thanks also to the philosophy of yoga absorbed during subsequent meditation meetings and the philosophy and science of yoga, that even the apparently unpleasant experiences and tests that are submitted to us during the flow of our life are actually experiential opportunities to learn l art of living.

In particular, by avoiding running away, I am learning a lot from the family situation in which apparently my state of dissatisfaction is continuing on the relational aspects with my partner and her daughter, on having to go along with their every decision that involves me too, while they do not they never get involved by what I would like to do with them, on the communication mode - very often from moderate to very aggressive - of my partner and on the lack of satisfaction of sexual pleasures or of exchanging even a simple caress.

During the eleven years of living together with my partner, in addition to many happy moments, we badly faced several quarrels, we exchanged several emotional wounds, we separated several times and as many times she begged me crying to return.

Thanks to yoga, I begin to have a different perspective on the meaning of life which, as on many other occasions besides couple and family life, is facilitating me to accept positively any apparently negative or painful experience that the flow of life submits to me, grasping the (or at least wondering about) growth opportunities that these situations make available to me.

I notice a greater predisposition to empathic listening, which allows me to grasp aspects that go beyond the appearances of the actions or words of others; More and more often I manage not to react to situations in which I previously reacted with anger or flight; I am slowly learning to love myself and others; I am developing more and more compassion, equanimity and suspension of judgment also towards strangers or belonging to egregore whom my ego considers negative.

And above all: I stopped complaining!

And you, how many times do you complain within 24 hours?
(reply in the comments)

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I love yoga and natural remedies. Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you too! What kind of yoga are you practicing?

Stop running away is the beginning place for us all dear. Learning to be quiet about that which we have yet to fully understand? Already that of itself is a great wisdom.

Time for a yoga holiday soon in Chiang Mai? I probably owe you at least 53 coffees. x

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