A New Month Begins: Making Up for Lost Ground!

in Natural Medicine3 months ago

And so, it has become November!

That means I have about sixty days left in this year; and those are historically the busiest days of my year, at least from an artistic "commercial" standpoint.

Except, this year we are going to have to work with the absence of holiday arts and crafts fairs we typically go to. In years gone by, the first one would typically have happened during this first weekend of November.

A small "Soulmate Stone."

So, how to make up for this "lost ground?" How to do so in a manner that's still in alignment with staying true to creating spiritual and meaningful healing art?

I suppose I could just shrug and say "well, it's an unusual year so I'm just not going to worry about it," but there's something a bit defeatist about that.

Sure, I create because I love the process, but I'd be deceiving myself if I weren't honest about the fact that I also enjoy selling — and getting paid for — my work!

Day 1: Commission for a Friend

So the first day of the "season" actually went fairly well, in that the "Protection Set" I made for a friend of ours was finished and it was delivered and paid for today.

The finished "Protections Set," sold today!

So I see that as a positive start to the month!

Tomorrow — time allowing — will be a "photography day," as I continue the long laborious process of getting all items I have available for sale listed in one of my four online shops.

Since I will not be able to put things physically in front of people, that has to be done!

A smaller "Peacock Stone"

Daily Blogging?

It's too bad that Hive doesn't have a "marketplace" of its own...

But at least I can help myself a little bit (I hope) by blogging my daily efforts here, and maybe earning a few cents here and there.

Of course, daily blogging is an ambition I am yet to get anywhere close to... but at least it is a goal!

Till the next one, and thanks for reading!


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