90 Minutes of Yoga - Drum & Bass stylee

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Another workout delivered from both Spain and England, and this time, it's Yoga!

As stated in the introduction to the workout, Yoga 'focuses on your weak spots'. It is the most comprehensive workout of the week, and we ( @sulayr ) have learned to love it after initially falling all over the place and wondering if it was worth the time investment.

It is both mentally and physically demanding, and generally I seem to burn around 500 calories - according to my sports watch. Not bad considering you are within the confines of a mat and don't feel out of breath at any point.

The first 50 minutes or so form the majority of the hard work, then they are some balance postures, followed by a short ab routine, and then stretches and 'oms' to finish. I particularly like the speeded up balance moves at around 57 seconds, we look in sync for once!

Yoga has become our Sunday workout, and feels needed after a week of jumping around like a maniac.

Be well!


Soundtrack: 45 Roller - Rain

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I feel deeply disturbed after watching this 😉🤣

Was it the hearts on the boxer shorts?

At least the boys only fell out once!

Wahahahaa!!! Praise the lord for such mercies!!! :0D

At 100 speed, I'm hoping the slippage frames have been condensed. Otherwise it could have been NSFW :O

Ball madness!! I think we are all hoping that those bits are lost!

A pity, I Kojak'ed them over the weekend too :)

Shining bright like diamonds ... they should make a song with a title like that :-)

Showcasing the freshly polished pebbles :)

Hahaha, I guess at this pace he needs a walking stick now also ...

He might do!!!

Yoga is not easy. All that stretching and flexibility. I always admired those who can put their body in interesting positions, it requires a lot of discipline to do that.

When we first started the routine was not fun and made you feel a bit useless. 4/5 months later and I can pretty much do all that is asked - practice makes perfect as they say :)

You have a great hobby, I can only imagine what you'll be able to do one year from now

I don't think I would ever have put the words "yoga" and "drum & bass" together... @nickyhavey perhaps a new niche market for your work? 😂

To be honest, I don't listen to anything apart from the instructor during the routine, but the video needed some sound and I'm liking this track at present - hopefully Mr Havey digs it too!

Haha, yes, I don't usually listen to much for music when I suffer through yoga myself, but this did just spark an idea. If I ever get around to doing any more exercise vids myself to get Nicky to do the soundtrack for a collab. ;)

That is a good idea!

Haha, I'll have to check this out in full tomorrow, sounds like a very interesting concept and I'm sure Mr @abh12345 has superb taste in Drum & Bass music! Have him down as a bit of an old school junglist

I'm good with some jungle!

This track is on my Spotify playlist at present, top stuff!

Finally got some time to catch up to this and I have to agree, it's a great one! Jazzy liquid vibe - Track ID?

hahhahahaha as I did a nice round of slowly breathing hatha yoga this morning this is super amusing to watch actually, but uhhhhh....shirts dude....leave those abs for the future missusssss hahahahahh

So you were meditating? Next step, Yoga :)

Shirts get in the way and need a wash right after, I'll hold onto the summer as long as I can!

I need to do some more yoga however luckily I have martial arts to keep my range of motion

That will keep you in check for sure!

It definitely will!!!

hello dear friend @ abh12345 good afternoon
you have to be in good physical condition for a routine of more than fifty minutes
I would love to do yoga, it is a pending subject, that if, adjusted to my possibilities, I would never start with fifty minutes of training.
The video in quick form looks very funny
have a beautiful night

There are many videos online to start you off, and I think Yoga could be beneficial to you and all.

Thanks for stopping by! :)

hello dear friend @ abh12345 good day
This is an activity that I have in my slope view, it is something I want to do, I really appreciate the recommendation
have a wonderful day

OH MY FREAKING GOD!!! iS THIS YOU???? SO IMPRESSED!! THAT'S AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

haha :)

Yes it's me! 5 months or so of practicing once a week and I can just about do the hardest moves (Crane and Wheel!).

Bloody hell I cant do bakasana (crane) without faceplanting !!!! A good one for blokes... it's the forearm strength. I'm so impressed Ash.. now I'm crushing on you even harder!

It is a good one for us yes, not so much balance or flexibility as strength for once. And doing the wheel with one leg up, that one is super tough but I can just about hold it for the duration.

I'm sure i'll add more videos, although I think i'll wear something other than boxers with hearts on next time! :D

Oh no, wear your shorts. haha - we used to do a LOT of bikram hot yoga! and the shorts were ... ummmm....

I got asked to wear more clothes, but it less constricting and saves on washing :)

I prefer you wearing less clothes.


Well one item is my lower limit :D

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