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This morning I went for an appointment at my registered doctors for a general health checkup. There was no specific reason for the visit other than it is advised (and free in the UK) to go see the Doc when you reach 40. The NHS Health Check is a health check-up for adults in England aged 40 to 74. It's designed to spot early signs of stroke, kidney disease, heart disease, type 2 diabetes or dementia.


First, I had my blood pressure taken. 110/70. That meant nothing to me and so I had a check when I returned home, and judging by the below, all good here.


Next, a go on the scales. I don't own any and can't remember the last time I weighted myself. They showed 82.5kg, but the nurse took half a kilogram off for clothing and footwear.

I've long thought the BMI chart to be a poor indicator, but it's something. I'm about 187 cm tall, and so that puts me just inside the healthy range. Another kilogram or two and I'd be considered overweight, hmmm.

The nurse took my blood, asked about eating habits and if I smoked, and how much booze I consumed. I'm not a smoker anymore but do have a vape with low nicotine, and yeah, I like beer. Hopefully all the healthy food I eat balances the above out a little. I was also asked about exercise, and replied with 'a lot, almost daily'.


That was about it for the checks, and so I'll add some personal data collected by the Amazfit watch I bought a few months ago.
Considering nicotine and beer have been shown to raise heart-rate, this looks OK to me:


Especially when compared to:


I do wonder if I quit the e-cigarette, and was a bit stricter on the beer intake, if I could make it to 'Athlete', but 'Excellent' will do I guess.

I have mentioned PAI in the past and while I've got my addiction under control a little now, I'm still trying to keep the total above 150 for the rolling week. 29 is my current health age apparently, and if I continue to hold 150 PAI for a few more months, that is estimated to drop to 18 - ha!


As far as exercise and earning PAI, I find the elliptical the best workout for me - kind on the joints, easy to train using intervals, and you can shut your eyes without fear of falling.



184 bpm is over my current recommended max (220-age), and I do feel tightness in the chest at times on the machine when going full pelt. I felt that 20 years ago though and so i'm not concerned - just a sign to ease off a little.

Sleep still looks pretty good, although I could do with going to bed just a little earlier. Three hours of deep sleep hopefully makes up for the 6 hour average.


Anyway, the results of the blood test will be back in around a weeks time. The nurse said she didn't expect anything to show up, and so hopefully I'll be good to go for a while yet!

Enjoy the weekend,



Originally I wanted to say, just use them for diagnostics but then I read your post and got it to it. I think you know already. I think I agree about the BMI, just looking at mass compared to length on a average level, I feel, we need to be looking at the cells at a cellular level. So we know how our cells doing? How are you cells? 🤣 But overall these standard tests seem OK to tell a overall story in terms of average overall health and diagnostic.

But can't we just build machines that do these diagnostics with way more kinds of diagnostics? Cheaply and automatically?

Just had a thought of futuristic train, "good evening sir, our scans detected 22 cancers cell, here! have some Rick Simpson Oil and see you next time! Have a good trip 🤠

What values do they check automatically with the blood-checks at the NHS if you don't mind me asking?

Ps. When I comes to actual medicine, that when you run. Everything at the NHS is stockmarket crap, they haven't tested 1 single plant correctly in humans. And when you read these studies, you see what they are ignoring.

Always check what the people around the world are saying. Rick Simpson method has exploded to every country in the world and patients who proved it, even broadcasted on ITV when officially they should be dead if they listen to their doctors.

Hi :)

Yes, just a high-level diagnostic test, until we have wearables that monitor a bunch of things. Your words reminded me of the movie Gattica, and I think cell monitoring is not too far ahead of us.

My blood was taken for cholestorol levels / heart disease risk, and to do checks for diabetes. I'd really like a more complete test which could show things like what vitamins I'm missing. Again, a watch telling me to drink a dark ale to increase Iron levels would be ideal :)


To figure out BMI you could always have someone do a BMI pinch test, it is I think a bit more accurate. three pinch zones a shit ton of math, and then you get a number that is a little more accurate.

Smoking, yeah if you can quit, quit. Ling cancer in 15 years time is not a fun thing. The healthy blood pressure and resting heart rate will help in the future.

Pinch test :D Not had one of those for a long time.

The Vape seems much better than cigarettes, my lungs tell me so. It would be nice to be free completely though.

it is a tough thing to quit, I tried lots and lots of times. last one was just before getting in the taxi for the trip to the airport. Ten days in the hospital and I was an ex-smoker.

Healthy bastard!

I too had my blood pressure and many a blood test this week because my knee suddenly swelled up to massive proportions. Apparently when you pass 45 any Selina have to be checked out for blood clots and stroke prevalence! I had the fear right enough but all was well :0)

Doing alright it seems! :D

Did you knock your knee or did it just inflate randomly? Good plan to get that checked sharpish!

It seemed random although I had had a super energetic weekend and they eventually said it was most likely delayed onset musculoskeletal something or other and to rest and take drugs. Which I am doing splendidly although the drugs are sadly just naproxen and cocodamol lol

Ahh, so it was called into action quite a bit at the weekend and didn't like going from 0 - 100!

Enjoy the rest, and beers delivered to the sofa perhaps?!

I got a delivery today, woot woot!!! So I am sure I will. Enjoy your weekend dude, celebrate your super healthy results so far!

Nice, my delivery was last week, didn't take long to get through :)

I was at Sainsbury's for 9:30am today, picking up a bottle of wine and a few beers for later!

Haha, stocked up in advance, toperoo!!

Pretty good stats here my friend! That’s a great heart rate. A number of years ago when I was running a lot I had similar ones and the nurse was a little nervous and tried it twice then asked if I run? I guess mine was in the lower 50’s. Wish I could be that efficient now lol

Closing your eyes on the elliptical? That sounds crazy to me! Lol

I enjoyed what’s called an Arc trainer. It was a cross between an elliptical and one other one but it trained the legs better I found. Haven’t been to the gym in 5 years now though, darn kids hehe.

40's is rather impressive! I guess 15 years of smoking and plenty of beer has put me far away from that bracket.

I think I've seen the Arc trainer, is that more of a swing than the Elliptical?

Yeah the arc trainer is more of a swing motion, it really kicks your ass if you put it at some of the different settings! I would love putting it at intervals and train the shit out of my legs and lungs. Really kicked some ass! What I loved about it the most is I couldn't get completely used to it. My legs and lungs would burn when I would increase the difficulty or change it up and that was definitely a unique thing to experience!

I like the no-impact stuff. You can really push the organs without feeling the niggles and aches.

Recently I bumped the difficulty up on the Elliptical - that won't be happening again and I'll stick with level 20 of 40!

Yeah my knee doesn't appreciate the impact running at the moment, working on getting that sorted out and repaired! Hopefully I can do it but we shall see hehe. I enjoyed the arc for the impact-free running.

The craziest thing I did on the Arc was trying to do the Pikes Peak course. It was just all crazy uphill stuff lol I couldn't handle it and only did like 20 minutes.

Good luck with the knees!

I've long thought the BMI chart to be a poor indicator, but it's something. I'm about 187 cm tall, and so that puts me just inside the healthy range. Another kilogram or two and I'd be considered overweight, hmmm.

The way BMI is calculated fails to take the third dimension into account. One's BMI is less meaningful for those at the tall end of the spectrum. It exaggerates the degree to which tall people are overweight.

Yep. Even worse if you are tall and carry muscle over fat :)

I'm tall and carry a fair bit of fat - I can't tell how much muscle I have - so I must be in the worst possible of all worlds. :)

dude those results you seem a healthy god!

and uhhh 84 kilo wiht 187cm..that almost seems bullocks to me. I know how the BMI calculator works but the reality is often so different.

not a bad thing these check ups actually! Did they check your prostate as well? :D


Yeah BMI is rubbish, they need a machine that measures body fat and muscle, and water levels.

Sadly, no finger in the bum today!

FknHell. For a nerd that's all way too good. Dig deeper in the data, sleep less (ie spend even more time on Hive) and stop promoting the healthy modern nerd you find in the gym stereotype!

Ha :)

The plan is to be around and healthy when crypto moons!

You better get that heartbeat to <56 then. 😂


No chance :P

I do know someone in the Athlete range. Isn't that right @sulayr? :P

Great to hear that your health is top notch! Colorful happy statistics, good for you Asher!

The blood tests are still to come but so far so good. Thank you!

Welcome, those salads and all of your exercise paid off!

hello dear friend @ abh12345 good day
What a good health system they have there, it is very good to see that they care about citizens, and provide early attention.
Congratulations on your good health and physical condition, only the blood tests remain, but as the nurse said, everything will be fine there.
Have a wonderful weekend

Yes, the National Health Service is a good thing overall - they have had their work cut out this year for sure.

Thanks, have a nice weekend also :)

I do wonder if I quit the e-cigarette

I didn't know you enjoyed the pipe...Gandalf-style.

I'm glad you cleared up which kind of pipe I enjoy! :D

I just want to see some of those mad smoke rings Gandalf used to do.

I'm not a pro like Gandalf but can get them going with a bit of practice 🙂

Well, Gandalf has had years of practice over you...You're just a spring chicken in comparison.

That's true, his lungs must be working overtime :O

You look pretty healthy mate - looks like you'll be kicking for another 6 months at least.

Vaping is so common in the UK - I don't see it much in Australia! Maybe in the city at little more, but only as there's more people so there's more of anything in the city. I've never tried it - I smoked for 14 years and then gave up cold turkey. Funny, even now I sometimes reach for a lighter and my champion ruby, and forget I haven't smoked in years!!!! The brain's weird like that.

I still dont know about apps to track fitness. I've started doing workouts with an app as I was suffering back pain and needed to improve my core, and I havne't been doing as much full on yoga as I used to at the studio (they're still shut here in Vic). I quite liked it, but I'm bored again now - yoga offered me very similiar exercises but in a more interesting way, and cardio - well, I'd rather fast walk around the block or go for a surf. Regimented exercise is not for me though I think as I'm getting older I need to put my prejudices aside and treat it like brushing my teeth. Still feels weird having a computer to tell me how to move though.

6 months, excellent. And in 60 more years (ok 58.5), I get a letter from the Queen :)

I sometimes reach for a lighter and my champion ruby, and forget I haven't smoked in years!!

That's nicotine isn't it? Super addictive :/

I think as I'm getting older I need to put my prejudices aside and treat it like brushing my teeth.

A good idea - it is something we need to do to keep things ticking over, and the computer people can help guide. It's Yoga day for me today, a 90 minute workout including the balance moves and the stretches. I can send you the file on wetransfer for a look if you want?

and you can shut your eyes without fear of falling.

I can't even sit on the couch with my eyes closed.

BMI is a terrible measure and obviously with all you have been up to the last months, you are in far better shape than a couple kgs away from being a lardass.

I can't even sit on the couch with my eyes closed.

You'll fall asleep or fall off?

I'm a couple of kegs away from being a lardarse :D

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You ARE healthy, man! I know dozens of people who, at 40, they would be calling themselves too old for everything and spend the day sitting on a couch watching TV. Although, yes, we could ALL use some more sleep time (I'm not 40 but am a mom so 😅) Congrats! Hope your blood results are favorable enough as well!

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I'm happy to have found some motivation to keep active, ella es inspiradora :)

Mum's are 💪, very tiring work!

Thank you!

Hey @neyxirncn, I thought you had left Hive or something. I miss seeing your posts and your comments on my family and I's posts.

This is a blogging platform. Not a dating site!!!

Terrific numbers mate.

I'm sure worldtravelpro put a dating post up a few years ago :)

Pretty sure being here reduces chances of action, unless Lambo!


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OMGosh... you are one healthy dude! I, too, was in the hospital yesterday, for some test... nope, not a standard visit. You are to be complimented for your great health! Keep staying healthy, my friend.
Have a fantastic weekend, and take care 🥰🌺🤙

Thank you, I have been trying hard this year.

Hopefully the test results come back in your favor too.

Thanks for the tip and enjoy Sunday, EL post day :)

I certainly look forward to it, my friend!

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Congratulations! You are disgustingly healthy! :)) Toss the vape and cut the beer and there would be no living with you.

Actually, despite the beer and the no sleep, you take pretty good care of yourself. The no sleep will eventually catch up with you and if you can push in 15 -20 minutes earlier each week until you get a better amount, you won't even notice it.

Oh, look who I am telling, Mr. Healthy as a Horse...


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Looks like you will live to fight another day.

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