Pinups and productivity!

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What’s up, @hiveio? I’m stopping in for a late night photography post. Second time publishing on the blockchain in one day and I live for days with this kind of productivity. That’s one of my favorite things about the time I spend posting here. It’s a force multiplier. Earlier, I was out practicing backing up on the EUC. Something I was going to do anyway. I just happened to bring a camera and mic along. Tonight, I finished up a set of photos I owed a client; again, something I would have done anyway. In both cases, I can share and document that part of my day, earn something. It amazing! I still don’t take that for granted.

Alright. So, months ago in late February, I visited friends in Austin, TX and while I was there, I booked a few shoots. Several time Austin and one in San Antonio. During the Austin shoots, I booked a small little camper/motorhome on AirBnB. It was finished, kitschy, cute and that would be the location I’d use for the sessions that night. Nicole contacted me and booked her shoot a few weeks before my flight and she was responsible for helping me land on this awesome little Austin gem. I’m not sure, even now, if she’s ever shot before, but I was excited to capture new faces in a new city.

Nicole had a lot of questions. I could tell she was a type A personality; very detail oriented. I explained the logistics, time, place, preparations, but in all honestly, much of what I do behind the camera isn’t planned. I show up not knowing the lighting conditions, the locations, or anything like that. It’s one of my favorite parts of the job. Like Nicole, I’m usually a control freak, but not with my dark pinup photography. She trusted my process and we captured some amazing images. These were probably my favorite from my time in Texas.

This was the last of what I owed Nicole, and it felt really good to send them to her, finishing up another client that has been very, very patient. She’s told me she wants to order another set or two of additional edits, but they’ll have to wait until I get caught up on my @eos.detroit responsibilities. For now, I’ll just enjoy the comfort of knowing my productivity has been steady. I have my first one the ground shoot in Minnesota later this week, so I’m looking forward to that as well. Thanks for reading and supporting me here on Hive! Follow me for more photography.


Lovely shots! Productivity is great once you get some momentum!

Nice job! The camper looks like it was a really great backdrop for your photos! It actually looks pretty spacious for a camper!

A camper! Wouldn’t know! You make everything grandiose ❤️