Photography update!

in Photography2 months ago

What’s up, Hive! It’s been a while since I dropped in on the blockchain. I’ve been transitioning to a new workflow, for starters. I have a new 13” M1 MacBook Pro, which sounds great. It’s fast, power efficient and outstanding, when it works. It’s been plagued with a display issue that reoccurs randomly. I’ll be getting a replacement in late January, but in the meantime, I’m doing the best I can. It’s happened three times, but each time, has required a full HD erase and reinstall of BigSur. There are some other things, like the smaller 13” screen real estate affecting my editing process, but that’s secondary to the hardware problem.

Today is the first day in weeks that I’ve gotten to sit down and edit for hours. I don’t have anything pressing over me as far as photo editing, except for these final edits of a client I shot in Austin, TX last February. I was able to finish her photos months ago, but she recently order another set of edits. Our timeline was to have them finished by the end of the year, and in true form, I’ll be getting them back to right before the deadline. Sometimes, it’s great to come back to a shoot from so long ago. It reminds me of the joys of traveling, meeting new people and creating memorable art.

That’s it for tonight. I have to keep this relatively brief because I’m closing in on a writing goal that I’m now sure I’ll be able to hit. All of 2020, I’ve been writing my blockchain AI based fiction. I wanted to have 50K words by December 31st, and with only 4,000 words to go, I’m confident I can do it. I don’t want to get cocky or take anything for granted, though. Especially with how 2020 has gone. So, consider this just a chance to stop in, congratulate the community on a virtual Hivefest, and wish everyone well through the holidays. Thanks for reading. Follow me here for more photography and art.


Interesting to get first hand experience with new M1 Macbook.

Sorry to hear about your problems with the screen.

I love your photography and also the art on Jillian Godsil's book.
We need to get her on Hive too.

Jillian Godsil's is actually already on Hive @jilliangodsil, If you are talking about the crypto advocate and Irish journalist.

That sounds horrible about your laptop. I don't know if I would have the patience to deal with that. Actually, I take that back. I deal with stuff like that on a daily basis at my job. It sucks though, I know. Good luck on finishing up your book!