Fashion forward while looking back!

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Hey, Hive! Coming back for a little blogging therapy. I tend to have a lot going on across many avenues, and sometimes, I hit a wall with all the work and commitments. I feel like I’m drowning in it, and taking the time to breath, then share my thoughts here, usually gets me by for the night. I’m doing a lot of illustration and NFT work right now, which I love. I’m also trying to catch up on hundreds of photos I still owe clients. That’s all topped of with the fact that I’m trying to finish my novel by the end of this year. I’ve got around 27 days and 25K words to go. Stressful!

During my day, in addition to finishing a book cover and an NFT project for Telos, I did find time to get through three edits from the Lovely Organic Apothecary dark pinup sessions I did earlier this fall. This was the first time I took my Nikon D750 out for any real portraiture since March. An entire year mounted on a tripod, being used for Zoom called and Patreon and VLOG’s. I dusted it off, and fortunately, I still had it. I honestly thought I may have lost my touch after all that time, but it came back to me.

These sessions were part of a two day event, three clients each day. The salon hosted us, provided hair and make-up and coordinated a sponsorship with a local vintage boutique called Via’s. These photos were taken with a client named Maddie. She was a petite blogger, classically beautiful and willing to shoot some of the more unusual posing and concepts I had in mind. The apothecary had big windows, but the areas we found to shoot were draped with shadows. The only photos we did outside were when it was overcast.

This was the last of the edits for Maddie, unless she orders more. That’s always possible. There are still several clients, four I believe, that I still power edits to from this event. They’ll be coming soon. Nothing can get me down when I have a productive day like today, but I need to get this post on the blockchain and try writing 1,000 words before bed time if I want to stay on track with my New Year’s deadline. Thanks for reading. For more photography, art, illustration and the stories behind the work, follow me here on Hive!


She really is classically beautiful

Wow, you are living a beautiful and productive life.
I may need a role model here😘

We all need time for ourselves, Besides giving yourself space opens up room to grow.

Agreed, @mistressavanya. I'm getting better about that. If there are any silver linings from the pandemic, it's been finding that I need to make some time for myself that isn't work.

You made nice shots and edits. Moreover, the models are beautiful. You really have a lot to do in a short time but anyways, I hope to see more of your art and photography.

I really like the last picture, it's so beautiful! Good luck with your novel 😊, it must be tough to have so many things on your plate right now.

D750, is that a medium format camera? Nice job on the shots and good luck on getting the book finished. I know you will be able to churn it out no problem!

simply amazing, no words.. stunning.

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Cool work 🤗👌 all time happy to see this warm colors.

Nice :)

Again some very great photos you are presenting to us. Thank you very much!

That third photograph is my favorite, there is something about it that really hypnotized me. Hugs!