Ronde Island and Tropical Storm Gonzalo

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We were the only ones anchored at Ronde Island when we stayed here for the night. It certainly would have to be one of the nicer anchorages we have experienced on SV Cirrus. We had stopped to enjoy a little isolated peace on the way north to Carriacou. We never did make it up to Carriacou however as some impending weather had quickly organised itself into Tropical Storm Gonzalo. The morning after taking this shot the NOAA storm forecast map had Gonzalo tracking right over us as a Cat 1 Hurricane. So, in what was a stressful couple of days, we quickly headed back down to the south of Grenada to prepare in a so called “hurricane hole”.

After the crazy season of bushfires in Australia which reached our property and threatened to burn our house down, then being stranded at anchor in Saint Martin for almost 3 months in Covid-19 lockdown while almost all world borders shut down to Australian flagged vessels, we were wondering if 2020 was going to also add a Hurricane to our list. Luckily Gonzalo never gained the necessary strength to be declared a Hurricane and we escaped the worst of the winds as it passed just to the south of us at Tropical Storm level. You can see the storm passing below us on some satellite cloud altitude mapping below.


Kids are back in summer camp here for a week next week so weather permitting we might try again for Carriacou after that 😉 I have included a wider crop of the title photo; let me know which crop you prefer and what device your looking at it on ?


If you would like to learn a little bit more about my background in photography you can read the interview @photofeed did with me here.

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i always thought how fun it would be to sail, and then i start to think about all the waves and bad weather :D

not sure what wider crop adds to the photo. maybe it depends on what device you are looking on. maybe for a phone a tighter crop works better. on the 27 inch monitor and full screen i have no idea what i would pick :D

I have found that people looking on phones always seem to prefer the small device. The full shot looks great on a big screen or on a wall but you loose the detail and can hardly see the boat.

All life has risk, you could have a car accident next week. Sailing has its risks but you have a lot of control (unlike commuting on a freeway to work where your just waiting for an accident with no control).

that has a lot of sense, there is a really small possibility for someone crazy to hit you on the sea. most of it depends on you and your knowledge and decision making

Very perfect shooting, sir, I really like the background of the first picture,

And hopefully we are all fine and far from Covid-19 which is happening to us

Thanks. Most of us will be fine with Covid ;-)

Amazing photos my friend! I prefer the second one in which I can see the greatness of the place you are at!

Thanks; appreciate the feedback.

A very pleasant trip with a very amazing view. Thank you for sharing photos of extraordinary landscapes.


The very beautiful sea looks very cool picture 😎


such an amazing view.

Thanks. It is a peaceful life at times ;-)

I like the 1st photo. Viewing on an iPad Pro.


A very nice place. I would like to live in such a beautiful place.

It was for sale a few years ago for 100 million USD !

Wow really? I wish I was rich enough to buy an island ...

We stayed there for free on our yacht; so I guess that's the simpler way to spend some time there ;-)

Between Tropical storm, Covid and closed borders, the future of sailors is full of questions... I'm spending more time than scheduled at Cabo Verde. I hope things will get better ! Nice photo!!

I would love to get to Cabo Verde one day !

I'm here for around one year. It was perfect when islands were opened but more difficult now. Nice country anyway and nice people too. It's really worth to come here.

Covid has changed everything everywhere.

Wow 😲 congrats!!! 👏👏👏