Amphulapcha Vista

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It takes a few weeks to hike to the top of the glacial moraine locking in Imja Tsho. The lake is perched on top of the glacier at 5010m. The twin peaks of the Amphulapcha's dominate in the background at 6202m and 6118m (20,348 and 20,072 ft). Nepalese Himalaya, Nepal.

I took this shot on Fuji Velvia slide film. What is the longest you have been on a trek for ? We spent over 30 days hiking on this expedition in Nepal.


If you would like to learn a little bit more about my background in photography you can read the interview @photofeed did with me here.

Robert Downie
Love Life, Love Photography

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Wow! That's a long trek, at least in comparison to what I've done, which truth be told was only 3 days.

Some amazing treks down your way.

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Thanks guys.

Mere hours. So I guess that's just a walk/hike rather than a trek XD can still see cool things on hike but I guess you have to put in the hard yards to get to the really cool places :)

Is that you up on the hill?

That is my wife up on the hill.

Yeah Nepal is beautiful. I have a aunt who lives there and this year I was planning to visit Nepal but unfortunately this Corona thing happened. Hope I can climb on the trek too even though I don't have that type of stamina. It looks beautiful.

We will get through this pandemic and things will get back to normal.

Being so intertwined with nature should be exciting. and you are a successful photographer. congratulations.

Thanks. It is always beautiful to be one with nature.

This is the amazing display of nature..keep it up..good


Awesome shot, Nepal is definitely top of my travel list! But now i hit up vote and -0,03 cents where dispersing from your total amount... did't i do something wrong?

What a view! Fantastic!

It is just an amazing place and yet so dangerous as well @intrepidphotos because of the rocky cliffs, cold, and no vegetation. :)

damn, it looks majestic...

Amazing view 😍 Bulgarians are saying that “A beautiful view comes after a hard climb”! Cheers 🍻