Agnes Creek

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We are thinking of hiring a car soon and doing some land exploring around Grenada. Still no Covid in the wild here; so the curfew has lifted almost completely now. We won't find any open roads in Grenada like this. Taken on our outback Australia trip last year where the Stuart Highway crosses Agnes Creek. We camped there next to the creek bed there for the night just into South Australian past the Northern Territory border.


Love to know which crop you prefer ?


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Your pictures are great...Hiring a car is the most logical thing to do in pandemic in wherever else...

Have a great trip and be the light with you!!!

There is no covid here so we are free to roam.

Great light. I prefer the first one, feel I get pulled in more. Both great!

Thanks for the feedback.

I like the wider crop. The road dominates the creek too much in the top one.

Thanks. We tend to turn everything into small crops subconsciously now as they do so much better on IG and FB.

If you were trying to focus on the creek the second one is better. The top one makes the landscape look more vast and I guess normal people might look at the road more then?

It's a cool shot either way.


Hmmm, opening both in full screen view makes a lot of difference to viewing them here...
I like the second better in full screen as I see more of the landscape; however the first looks better here.

Odd, huh... :)

Yes that is always the way. One ends up cropping everything for a small screen and a lot of the more expansive landscape shots are lost.

So true... Also the page width here (on laptop/pc) plays a part - I often find myself trying to shrink the vertical shots so as to enable viewing at a glance instead of scrolling... Somehow the full effect is lost when you need to scroll.

Where is this road

Did you read the caption ?

Thanks for your reply