Tree Tuesday: Riparian trees

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When well preserved, riparian galleries are important hotspots for biodiversity.

For this to happen, it's very important to have healthy riparian trees, such as the ones I show in today's photo.

In addition to providing support for other plants (such as climbing plants), they provide shade for other vegetal species that need it for their development, as well as shelter and protection for various species of animals.

Furthermore, the beautiful landscape that these trees create is priceless!

In the photo below, the gallery is mostly formed by narrow-leafed ash trees (Fraxinus angustifolia), which give a beautiful green color to this Mediterranean stream landscape...

Photo taken near Évora (Alentejo region, southern Portugal)

Galeria ripícola em Valverde.jpg
Riparian gallery in Valverde, Portugal © David Germano | All rights reserved.

Cheers !!!