Legacy Trail Mountain Views

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On the Legacy trail, somewhere between Banff and Canmore, Alberta. Amazing views along the trail, biking or walking, plenty of family fun to be had! A Huawei P20 Pro smartphone was used.


ISO 50 ~ f/2.4 ~ 1/1,200 sec


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Is it in Canada?

Yes, Alberta western Canada.

No doubt why this place is so heavenly

Its making me jealous in such time of quarantine. !!

Hi, how are you? I remember you from a couple years ago.

Hey. U remember !! I am glad u remembered. :D :D

Yeah I got sick and then lost touch of writing.

I am good ....how are you doing.

I'm doing good. Now is a great time to get back into blogging here on Hive (and not so much on Steem). Glad to see you back in action!

Oh.. Is it so? Well, I came back because there was not much work pressure due to lockdown. Why is it a good time to blog on hive otherwise? Curious to know.

Thanks. I am enjoying it too.

Good vs blogging on Steem, which was virtually taken over by Justin Sun of the Tron blockchain. Hive is much more decentralized, and has a better future in my opinion.

Okay.....Yeah I heard about what Justin sun did! What a chaos! Let's hope Hive does better than steem. Fingers crossed.

Sheer beauty....

It was.

Wow. Just wow.

That's what I was thinking!