Canadian Rockies through the Lens of a Smartphone

in Photography10 months ago (edited)

This will be the last photo from our trip out to Whistlers Mountain, Jasper Park, Alberta. What a view, what a climb! A Huawei P20 Pro smartphone was used.


ISO 50 ~ f/1.8 ~ 1/2,200 sec



I love the view..I bet it's more beautiful in person..

That would be true. Thanks for visiting.

The photo reflects well all the natural beauty of these mountains. You can imagine how clean the air is and how much space for walking and relaxing. I have never been in the mountains, so this topic is very interesting for me. Thank you for the beautiful and informative content. The mountains are great. I wish you success and all the best.

Someday you will need to go to the mountains. Thanks for looking.

How did u guys climb up ther ?was that a trekking or by road ?

By Sky tram gondola.