Nothing but beautiful Sunsets - 12 Photos

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I recently made some new sunset shots here in Australia. While uploading them on my Laptop I search for all my sunset photos. I discovered that I had been able to experience some impressive sunsets while traveling during the last few years. Here is a small excerpt.

Sunset Cruise on the Noosa River in Australia. Such a great experience


When the sun sets behing Mt Coolum on Australias East Coast

A almost perfect Blue Hour at the Maroochydore River in Queensland, Australia


Sunset over the Noosa River, ths time from a different angle


Awesome sunset during our stay in the Lamington Nationalpark, Australia



Having a beer with friends on the balcony and watching a beautiful Sunset


Late afternoon sunset surf at The Bluff in Maroochydore


Not one of the best shots, but still worth to share it. No need to describe that place


Sunsets are magical. They are all different and you will never ever see the same sunset again, but they have all one thing in common...they are all beautiful.

Not only Australia has great sunset spots, we´ve been to other countries that can keep up with the sunsets.

Nothing beats a Bali sunset at Berawa Beach


Soaking up the last rays of sunshine on Kata Beach, Phuket


As I said, nothing beats a Bali Sunset




Beautiful pictures of a magical time, indeed!
The last year I am living in a place that I can see the sunset from my home and I am trying to prove wrong the They are all different and you will never ever see the same sunset again quote but I haven't succeeded so far :)

Thank you so much.

haha, I´m glad that you did not succeed. Would be boring, if it would look like the same every evening. :)

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When does one get tired of sunset scenes...? Never! :)
Never too many sunsets or sunrises... Cheers, have a great weekend!

Me...never! Thanks, have a good start into the week :)

Your pictures really are amazing :)

thanks for that! 🙏

@betterthanhome these photographs are lovely. Nice shots.

thank you so much. Glad you like them

Wonderful photographs. Magic of nature.

thank you

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Awesome!Thank you so much

Incredible series of sunsets mate! Love it 🤘

thank you man. I appreciate your comment.:)

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thank you. But we´re not on steemit, we´re on hive! :)