River Ouareau, beneath Dorwin waterfalls.

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A continuation of my last post. The river may be less flashy and impressive than the waterfalls, but it still is quite beautiful.






A beaver dam!


I used a Lǎowā 15mm f/4 macro lens with a kenko black mist filter on a Sony α77 camera.

Music: https://ao-i.bandcamp.com


That looks like a very beautiful area, specially in autumn. the colors must be amazing! One thing, i see a haze in the first pictures, maybe a dirty lens?

Yes I'm eager to see when colours will be at their peak! Actually the haze is from the "Black Mist" filter I use in front of my lens. I think that modern lenses are sharper than they need to be and I like the "lo-fi" effect, makes photos look somewhat like paintings. I also often reduce the texture setting in Adobe Lightroom.

oke, do not know that filter. Indeed ligthroom is king :p :D

Thank you for sharing these stunningly refreshing outdoor photographs with us!

I can almost smell the crisp scent of pine trees and hear the rumbling stream flowing through my screen!

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Thanks, I'm glad it gave you a vivid mental image!

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