What if, Why Couldn't, If only

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Oh Whoa is me, What if, why couldn’t it, if only I had.

All of these sayings will keep you in the dark, they will hold you back, and they will prevent you from seeing the opportunities that are there in front of you every single day

Any reflection on the past, yesterday etc should be one of gratitude and joy, It should be one of learning and progression, It should be one of being the next step to what you are today.

As soon as we look back with any sense of regret we are holding ourselves back from being able to move forwards.

What I am today is a product of what I was yesterday and what I will be tomorrow is a product of what I chose to be today.

If we cannot look forwards, and constantly look back, then we are setting ourselves up for a constant state of yesterday and never looking for what the future can bring.

When I create something, I reach a point where I can say that is finished and then that steps me into the next phase of the project or the next project, the next creative element. Without that finality of having achieved a step I am not able to move onto the next,

This might sound familiar to some, if we cannot let go of something it will hold us back from taking that next step. We must accept finality in things so that we can be inspired to create the journey we are travelling on.

Think of it like a pathway – we move along the pathway to a destination, if we constantly keep going back to what we have already seen then the destination will take longer to reach, if we look at what is surrounding us, appreciate and revel in its impact and take the next step forwards, because of the new experiences that we will be presented with, then ultimately we will reach our destination.

Record the beauty in its present form, allow ourselves the space to appreciate and then allow ourselves the space to let it inform us to the next phase.

Its all metaphorical , but imagine taking a walk to the shops and all you can do is walk backwards, how much longer will it take you to get there, if at all.

Adapt and adopt those experience that you have and allow them to inform your next position, do not allow them to keep you in the what ifs, how comes, and couldn’t it have been so

Time is relative and is a fleeting moment in the existence of forward direction



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Regarding regrets and looking back... I have one weird characteristic (actually, not just one... lol...) and that's that when I buy something for myself (camera, mobile phone, laptop), I forget the price of things in like a couple of days... but for real... lol...

So, when I don't use that camera, I don't regret the money that I have paid as I have no idea how much it cost... :D

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It's a great behaviour to not to cling to the monetary value of the stuff and forget it. But still, when I fail to optimally use something, I regret for its opportunity cost ...like, what if it was owned by someone else, may be, it could serve the humanity better. Also, my thoughts go toward the cost of environment, natural resources and human labour that went into producing that stuff which will get insulted if we don't put that thing to use to its full potential. So there are several facets but not bonding ourselves to these materialistic things is the path to true freedom. And you seem to be getting there!

You are right about the fact that that "thing" could serve better to someone else, and not staying on the shelf in my home... The solution to that is to give away the "thing", or just sell it to someone else... and problem solved... No regret... :)

And bonding to material things is something that I was vlogging about earlier... about "worshipping" things, money... and there is nothing good in that... Getting out from that mentality can only help...

Thanks for the awesome reply!

Lol, I buy things when I want or need them, the cost is irrelevant if I can afford it, I always rememebr how much it costs, teherabouts, if someone asks, but I pay no heed, Money has the value for what it can get for you, eg, sopend a few hundred on a camers and get thousands of hours of enjoyment, I think the hours of enjoyment far out way any financial outlay.

My Laptop cost 1200 dollars, I have had it for 3 years at approx 11 hours use every day 356 x 11 = 3,916 hours /1200 = approx 32 cents an hour - not bad enjoyment time,
My computer has paid for itself over and over :)

Are you sure that you don't care how much it cost? :P 🤣

Just for the records, I do that for ALL things... It really doesn't depend if I need it or not... that's irrelevant... My brain refuses to memorize unimportant numbers... lol...

Lol, tehers another 8 cents right there,
I dont really know the cost of my laptop, I think it was only about 900 lol, the point being something only has the value for what you can get from it :)

However I do know how much my last car repair was 😱

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