Creating a Lost World of Past and Forgotten


Sometimes, just Some Times, we can be disheartened by those that we believe are put in a position to support and encourage us. This level of disheartenment (if that’s a word) can leave you deflated, discouraged and lacking in confidence.

When this happens it is often driven by the ego of those placed in such positions of influence, theer is no reason to discourage someone from achieving something unless ego is threatened, unless a perception of dissipation of power is imagined.

The impact that others can have in these situations can be quite devastating.

Now before you go onto a rant about how we shouldn’t be placing these kinds of expectations on others to bolster ourselves and how we shouldn’t be relying on others to support. Let me tell you a story, a scenario, a life experience, a reality.

My partner is a very very very smart and interesting person, yes I am biased. However it will become apparent in this story that she actually is.

She is a cognitive Neuroscientist, researching aspects of the Brain and certain conditions in relation to Birth Longitude and Latitude, she is researching cross modal processing and its correlation to other diagnosed conditions and how that’s is correlated to place of birth correlated to vitamin and mineral deficiency.

Quite a mouthful, it is far more complex than that, but that will suffice for now.
In her research she has two supervisors locally that often put roadblocks in her way when what they should be doing is being supportive and encouraging, these roadblocks are disheartening and diffusing of confidence.

When what they should be doing is engaging with her research and being fascinated and intrigued.

Now fortunately my partner is gregarious and tenacious, and has made contacts with world leading scientists in her field who all have expressed how her hypothesis are right on mark. She has world leading scientists wanting to collaborate on papers and research with her, she has world leading scientists wanting her to edit their works, she has world leading scientists that want her to lead in research areas and provide valuable information on a worldwide scale.

This very fact that numerous, not just a handful, but numerous scientists from all over the world have expressed a keen interest in collaborating with her on research, reaffirms her confidence that she is on the right path and that she has something very valuable to offer.

Now, why do her 2 supervisors here locally often put roadblocks in her way. It is because they are threatened, they are narrow, they are frightened of losing their own positions because the work she is submitting debunks some of their theoretical viewpoints. They place the roadblocks because of their own egos, fear of being debunked, fear of losing their highly regarded standing in their areas of research, fear that their whole basis of being where they are comes under fire.

In a past life I was married to a woman whose father was a Physicist, he would often say to me that he enjoyed science because it’s very premise was to put forward theories that would be scrutinised and tested and in that very nature of being scrutinised and tested new theories would come about and it was that prospect that made it exciting.

Anyone with an ounce of knowledge and a quart of information would be excited when that Ounce and quart become a pound and a gallon,

If we are not prepared to have our ideas challenged and built upon then we are closing our minds to any future growth.

If we are not prepared to concede that our own knowledge bases are limited by the very context of now then we are denying that there could be new knowledge presented from different understandings for tomorrow.

We need to be prepared to have our own knowledge’s expanded, we need to be prepared to have our understandings flipped on their own head, we need to be prepared to have our way of being shifted and adjusted.

Why? Because it will happen and that is what progresses us to the future.

It is all well and good to sit in our bubble, not challenge ourselves and ignore the challenges that others bring to us, but that will only create a lost world of past and forgotten and will not allow you to travel with the future directions that ultimately tomorrow will bring.


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Well said Russell, it's important to be open to new ideas and expand our knowledge by testing them, kind of reminds of building a list and tracking your conversions for different traffic sources and LCP's.

If we are closed off to new ideas then we are ultimately spelling our own demise :)

The ego and thinking that we know everything are the biggest threats to development and progress... Very rarely you will meet an intelligent person that will tell you that he/she knows everything, that its smartest in the field, etc... To be like that, and to stay on the top, everyone has to learn about new things, listen to others with an open-mind, open to new ideas, and implementing them... If you don't do these things, you will maybe hit the TOP, but you will not stay there for long...

Great post, Russell!

I dont think I have ever met a truly intelluigent person that is not open to new information and adaptation and adoption.

Knowledge comes about from the intelligence we apply to information, If it stops then it stops

Yes, self growth is so important in our life journey, both intellectually & spiritually. When the ego gets in the way, it hinders growth & hurts others in the process.

We all have an occasion where we may feel out of sorts & be a little put off by others. It happens - we are human & to deny that fact would be pointless. BUT it's what we do with that & whether we stay in that energy.

When we allow ourselves to remember that we all have something to contribute to the world, in one form or another, that's when we realize things are very fluid. There is enough for everyone & we don't necessarily have to do huge things to make a BIG impact.

Believing in your own truth & supporting others in the process is the best way to go in life....the sooner people realize that, the better off our growth in the world will be.🧡

Self Growth definately takes an Open mind, however any growth takes an open mind, your growth requires the open minds of others as others requires the open mind of self.

unfortunately some believe that their contribution is the beall and end all and when it gets challeneged are afraid that theyw ill no longer be in the spotlight.

All growth relies on difference and change and that cannot happen when people get too precious