Pix Vlogs Ep 29 | In The Life Of A Content Creator - Part 1

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As I bring a new mini series to my channel, I will be doing various videos about the ins & outs in the Life Of A Content Creator. Now, of course, everyone is different & this will show some of the things I go through personally in order to bring valuable content to the camera.

This first part is a brief one that shows some of my past bloopers while making this vlogs. It isn’t always easy making yourself seem eloquent on the camera, especially when you blank out for no reason or cannot pronounce that one word you usually can say with no problem. And, there are those times as well that you should just NOT be doing the content at all….

Enjoy the craziness….;)

Today’s music: Ride Or Die - waykap

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The bloopers made me smile tonight and that is just what I needed right now. Thanks so much!

Aww I am so happy that it made you smile. Really, that's all I wanted from this video is to give people a laugh and smile. Sometimes, life is just too serious so we need to relax and enjoy a bit ;) And making fun of myself is always fun hahaha

Love you, girl. Things will get better! :) 💚

Hilarious! You know you're big time when you have a blooper reel. 🙂

Ha ha ha well, I wouldn't go THAT far but I definitely have A LOT of bloopers 🤣😂 You have to laugh at yourself sometimes!

Thank so much for watching lol. 😂💛

LOL! This was a fun video. Just what I needed on this weekend night. Teehee. I do love your bloopers clip. And true, content creation can be challenging at times. :))

Ha ha I had a hard time today but I got it done at least! Thanks so much for the kind words lol. It was fun to put together. I know I have more lol. :)

Haaa, the best part about videos are the bloopers anyway- especially when they're yours cause you are a very funny lady anyway, so that makes the bloopers even better.

I need to find time to watch way more of your stuff cause I love them every time I do.

Love ya work Jenn!

Awww thanks so much for the kind words!! It is nice to see you, too! :)

I enjoy giving people a laugh. Sometimes we take life too seriously & creating content is not always an easy thing so we tend to be hard on ourselves when we mess up. But that's just being human!! Laughing at myself during those times allows me to let things flow ;)

Have an awesome day, girl! :) Enjoy your weekend & keep up your great work as well!! xxx 💚

Yes, I always try to be the class clown just to make people laugh.
I've always been like that. Laughter really is the best medicine.

So keep it up, you're videos always put a smile on my dial!
Thank you!!!

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You are so natural on camera, and leaving camera ON even when you screw up the recording is a great thing to do... lol...

So, never turn off your camera, so that we can watch bloopers all day long... :)

Ha ha wow, that would be scary ..... watching me do bloopers 24/7...I don't think the world has strength ... ha ha.

Well, I look at this way...if you can't laugh at yourself at times, then you're just taking life WAY too seriously. We are here to enjoy life & have fun, even when the world is going to hell in a handbasket lol. So, bloopers will be a constant in my life lol...

Thanks as ALWAYS for the support, twin ;) ❤️

I just had a good laugh watching your video Jenn. Thanks for bringing smiles into our lives :-)

ha ha I am glad, my friend. You know, sometimes I really can't take myself THAT serious hahah. But that's the fun part of it ;)

Have a beautiful day! 💛

It's a very healthy thing to be able to take oneself not too seriously :-). Have a very nice day as well!

Nice montage Jen , Butter on your desk is a little suss, but hey, I have an empty Toilet roll, But why, all will be revealed :)

Yeah haha, butter was a new one. I noticed that on that day & was perplexed for hours as to WHY I would even have that there hahha.

Um, do I even asked about the empty toilet roll? I mean, that kind of scares me a little.....I think I need my mommy. 🤣😂 But damn my curious mind lol...

ha ha now you got ME laughing...you're awesome Russ lol 💜

I love bloopers & I love you & I love this video! :D

Hehe! I adore bloopers, too! These were so ridiculous that I had to share with you guys haha.

And I love you, too, girl! I am so glad you enjoyed it :) 💚

@pixiepost, In my opinion in our mind so much goes on which inturn leads to lack of awareness towards our Own Speech.

Have a wonderful time ahead and stay blessed always.

Thank you so much! I appreciate you stopping by :) Have a great evening & many blessings & pixie dust to you :)

Welcome and thank you so much. 🙂

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