The CTP Breaking News .:. Erik Has a New Project!

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Exclusive, only in the CTP Breaking News, we are going to cold, rainy, and probably very soon snowy Sweden! We have some news from the first hand, or, first mail, or... Check out the video... It's all clear as a clouded sky!


I hope that there will be no hard feelings... :) This series is made for fun purposes... :)

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Any unauthorized exhibition, distribution, or copying of this film or any part thereof (including soundtrack) may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution. The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious, or not... :)

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Erik is coming with new idea, like to see how it turn out when it complete.

Well, it will turn out bad for Mark Zuckenberg, as Erik is determined to finish him... :)

Mark already amassed his fortune and he is perfectly aware of situation that's why he want to get into "Libra" tough he do not plan to share his wealth.

Sorry Zuckerberg but Erik has an extra 65 seconds a day that could mean the undoing of Facebook in the next 6.5 years. 🤣🤣😁

If Erik spares 10 seconds more, I think that he will destroy FB in a year!!!

Mark is currently learning fishing, as retirement is closer and closer...

Lol Zoltan, 6.5 years is too long to break Zuck it needs to be done faster, maybe some energy drinks will do the trick. 🙃🤣😅

I knew that you have another ace in the sleeve, and planning to finish Zuck in less than a year!

The CTP Swarm is with you!


Even Zuck will recognize Erik's awesomeness and he will beg to join HIVE ahaha
Thank you for the Sunday laughs 😁🤣

Zuck can't stand to be number two, but he will have to deal with that on the Hive... There can be only one Mr. Awesome!!!

OMG watch out Facebook, because they are not going to know what hit them!! Erik is a force to be reckoned with & he will take all by storm...

Once he is done with bringing all of them to #HIVE, all we will hear on Facebook is .... 😂🤣


All I can say is THIS IS AWESOME! :)

I think I heard Zuckerberg crying somewhere in the corner...

Sorry, Mark... You will have to deal with it... :)

Oh congrats, this is the business idea of the year... The Face@e-book 🤣

I think that Erik has copyrighted it... So, don't even try to steal it... :P :P

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