When You Stop to Care

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In this video, I have decided to talk about some truths when you are doing content creation and very often mistakes that people are doing here on the platform...

We all know the meaning of that ugly word "shitpost", or "low effort post"... It is a post that has only an image, or only 2-3 sentences without any meaning, or the same post copied from the previous day... I bet that all of you have seen that kind of post and know what am I talking about...

So, why people do that kind of post? As always, one of the reasons is laziness, but there is also a dream of earning a quick buck without investing in an effort... Or the user created a farm of accounts and creates dozens of shitposts every day just to "milk the system"... So, in a nutshell, this method has no value in the long-term as it is not sustainable...

Also, there are people who are struggling with ideas for content, but on the other side, they want to be consistent by posting every day, not knowing that by doing that they are shooting in their own foot...

Posting every day for the sake of posting, without giving value from your posts can be very dangerous for your image and reputation on the platform... Why? Check out the video as I went deeper into that problem from my personal experience...

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Look like 3speak is down.

But whenever in doubt about what to post then just "comment."

Actually, that is good advice... And I saw a lot of people earning much more money by commenting than creating posts... Especially in tribes...

And I see that 3Speak has problems, so that's why I put the LBRY link also... But, it looks that @pixiepost helped you with that! Thanks, Jenn!

And thanks for watching!

My pleasure. I saw @saachi wanted to see your video so the LBRY link really came in handy! ;)

It is always good to have a couple of options since every platform has bad days sometimes lol. :)

Poor Joe.

People are always critical. I am not in habit of writing big comment and (actually I do not used to write them.) I am not sure if people take it as comment farming.

I got my point fairly simple, if you like the content and you still not finding any significant to add there then at least acknowledge the author.

Believe me, it means a lot to the author when he receives a comment... So, why not show a bit of appreciation... ;)

He added another link under the 3speak video - you can see it there on his LBRY account if you still want to watch it. :)

Ahh! got the link. Thanks

You're welcome! :) It's a good one, too!

When listening to your video I could identify with quite a lot of things :-). First I see the same behaviour with my kids. It seems that nowadays parents are more in the way than there to help :-). Then what you say about content creation is very true. I see the problem in the fact that people want to create regularly but at the same time they don't want to spend the necessary energy to create fresh content every day. So they create a kind of concept and then the make an "update" every day. I think this is not the correct approach because these updates don't bring much additional value to their work and as you said, they not only loose interest of readers but maybe also their upvotes or automated upvotes.

In my opinion it's better to post less often but with creative and good content.

You are absolutely right! As I said in the post, people who "don't want to spend the necessary energy" into their work are shooting themselves in the foot by creating low-quality content... It is nice when you get automatic upvotes, but when people notice that you actually "use them" to promote spam and low-effort posts, you will lose them forever...

I know that some people don't agree with my opinions, but there know that I HAVE IT... so, maybe they will not like one my post, but maybe they will come tomorrow to see what ELSE can I offer and put on the table... This isn't the case when you continuously spam... as readers become disappointed and disrespected... and that's a really bad thing to do to your friends in the community...

I'm glad that I'm not alone with this kind of view... and I hope that we will see more valuable content and less low-effort content... Thanks for the comment and your time!

YES! How funny is it that we happen to upload videos about a similar topic? The stars WERE aligned ... ;)

I am just like you as far as giving second chances. If someone is doing shit posts or trying to get a quick buck, but realized that wasn't the way to go & wants to LEARN from this, I will definitely give them a second try. You can usually sense if that creator wants to improve & puts in the effort. And actually, when someone does turn their content around & starts implementing the right way to do it, I will be one of their biggest supporters. We all have been there so it makes sense...

BUT, when I see continual NO VALUE posts & shows no signs of stopping, I will no longer watch or read the content. Our time is valuable & if the creator doesn't have enough respect for our time to at least TRY, then I will pass the post over. It sounds harsh & it's not intended in a mean way, but it is facts.

I digress since I talk about it in my video, too, hahah. Love this vlog, Zoltan. Keep kicking butts & helping others. :) 💚

To be honest, the point wasn't to kick someone's butt but to help people to understand the "physics" behind the social media platform... For some, it is a natural thing that you try to give value to receive value, but for others, it should be explained...

And these things are very important to understand ASAP, as the consequences can be very bad and destructive for someone's reputation and general image... So, this post is just an attempt to explain things BEFORE the damage is done... And I have described how I react to certain content, but I bet that 99% of people react the same...

So, why we don't skip those bad steps and do things in the right way? ;)

Thanks for the comment and continuous support!

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