How To Maximize Tokens Rewards - using LeoDex rewards multiplier

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Let us forget for a bit the wLEO drama and all the problems with the hack attack on their Uniswap pool and concentrate on the good things that the LEOFinance tribe brought to the Hive blockchain... And not just that tribe, but firstly, the creation of tribes in the first place...

The LEO Finance tribe just showed to everyone the real potential of the communities and the second layer tokens on the Hive blockchain... The possibility to go outside the Hive blockchain and be available for everyone... That thing has done some other tokens also, by offering products and services indexed and valued in tribe tokens... Just one good example of that is the CTP token, which you can use to buy different products on affiliate marketing related websites using Fire-Pay, a unique solution for Hive-Engine token payments...

Knowing just these things, without getting into other benefits that you can get from Hive tribes, people are getting aware that H-E (Hive-engine) tokens aren't just worthless piece of computer code... People starting to stake more of different tokens, and accumulate them by staking and curating content in different tribes...

That can be a time-consuming process, but also, it is difficult to balance VP (Voting Power) of different tokens on the same Hive account... As you maybe already know, every H-E token has its separate VP, which is usually different than the Hive VP... To balance these things, and to maximize your tribe token rewards, you should use LeoDex multiplier...

Check out the video tutorial on how can you do that... It maybe sounds a bit confusing, and I'm aware that I didn't do the perfect job in explaining... So, if you have any questions, please use the comment section to ask and I will try to answer it ASAP...

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Little trick can help you maximize the rewards. Thank you for sharing this. :)

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As I said in other comment, it needs a bit of tuning a couple of days, but after that, you are ok...

Great Tutorial Zoltan @ph1102 i just wish i knew what the hell is going on LOL don't worry it is a me problem being a new to all this it seems the more i try and understand the less i know Ha Ha.

Keep it up though bro something will click for me eventually and i will get it LOL

Have an awesome day

Check out Jon's and familiarize yourself with this awesome platform... When you create posts (and comment) you earn HIVE and OTHER tokens in the same time... and those "other tokens" sometimes can value more then Hive... You can "STAKE" them and earn more by upvoting others...

Anyways, check out those video tutorials, it will help you to understand how it works... and do it slowly... there is a lot of information, and it's impossible to learn it in a day...


Thanks Zoltan @ph1102 thats what i have been doing going through the guide, like you said can't be learned in a day the guide as been a big help for sure.

This to me previously unknown feature was very helpful and it will go well with my plans to create separate curation accounts once I have enough of certain tokens. Thank you for the clear explanation on how this works.

I have created separate accounts for curation a long time before, but this method can be pretty close to the separate account thing... It is much easier to control and less time consuming than do it all separately...

Thanks for the comment!

Less time consuming yes, but more math. So it's all about the pros and cons I guess. 😂

Nice job.

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Thanks! It's a bit tricky thing for explaining as there are a lot of variables in the "game", but I hope that it will be useful to others.

amazing video i can learn a lot from you

Thank you for your comment! I hope that the tutorial will help you to earn more tokens through curation!

Thanks for sharing. I need all the help with crypto I can get.

If you have other tokens staked, this method can bring you more earnings in other Hive-Engine tokens...


Great tutorial man. So far I didn't really get how these multipliers were working. Am I correct to assume that when you put these multipliers, leodex will actually check if there is the tribe tag and then multiply your upvote accordingly? Thanks a lot for this!

I suppose that it works like that... It needs a couple of days of tuning, but it works!

Very well explained
But I am not making heads or tails of it yet
Just followed your strategy :)

Thanks! I'm accumulating and staking... Trying to get most of them ;)

Looking forward to having you a Whale :)

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