Thursday Night Live - Take A Dip In The Pool!

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There is so much information out there...That's available for new entrepreneurs to learn this trade!

So much!

From the training we provide at to Google university! If you want to learn about ANYTHING in the online business world you can...

The issue is...Most people KNOW what to do, they just don't DO IT!

And that's what we dove into tonight at Thursday Night Live

Oh yeah, and some INDEX news too ;)

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Dropped some nuggets in this one man.

Appreciate you swinging by man, thanks for hanging out!

Oh ya, no prob, checked into your Index too 😉

Great show guys... I really wonder what made the lightbulbs flicker in Blain's home ;-)

His pure brilliance LOL

Congrats for INDEX and showing up daily really pays.

Absolutely, only way I know how to play the game :)