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My life was kinda in...A mess to say the least.

Nothing you haven't heard before if you've been reading my blog over the past few years...But I was in a very dark place. Trying to figure out how to progress and where to turn to save my business...I looked to crypto!

I noticed 'the blockchain that shall not be named' in a faucet called Eobot actually...I clicked and I noticed a banner that read:

Come for the rewards, stay for the community!

What...A social media based blockchain????

I thought it was a cool idea, almost too good to be true...And then shut the browser window LOL

Nope, I didn't join the moment I saw the blockchain...I actually left and then came back a few months later....

The day was December 7th, 2017....


Back then, it was a challenge just to get an account...Believe me, we were nowhere NEAR @hiveonboard and sometimes, people couldn't get an account for weeks, if not months. I got lucky and had my account within 24 hours...

I had no idea what I was doing, but I started following accounts...

Guess who was first?


LOL We'll just leave that there.....

I didn't even understand what upvoting was, but I remember that first night...I downloaded the white papers and the blue paper and started reading...

SMT's man, I was hooked! This was going to be my home!

So I jump back on the chain and gave my first WHOPPING upvote. Which funny enough was a fellow book lover, talking about their top 5 books...


I was so hooked...I don't think you understand how many 'ah ha' moments I was having...

So much so that I actually didn't make my first post until 20 days later LOL

Not joking, my first post on the blockchain was December 27th, 2017....


Pulitzer prize winning stuff here folks LOL

But look at those rewards....3 cents!

But still I was hooked, it was too late for me...The blockchain had me!

Wow...And here we are....

HiveBuzz 1.png

I got this awesome badge from @hivebuzz yesterday to cement my 3rd year on the chain. And what a journey it has been. It's taken me to speak at the SteemCreators conference in Toronto back in 2018 and then all the way to Poland for SteemFest3 later that year.

I've met amazing people in this community and have never been so fired up for the future than right here on Hive.

Heck, my business partner @blainjones and I even brought our entire community over here and have waving the Hive flag across the web as much as possible.

And building....We're just getting started!

Here's a few things i've learned on this journey so far, I hope it helps anyone just starting out or frustrated on the path so far:

Show Up. Everyday!

People need to hear this. There is no secret here. No secret handshakes needed. It's about effort. And when you ignore the noise and focus on delivering value to people everyday, good things happen. But it can't happen if you aren't here, everyday!

Ignore The Price

Yeah we all want $10 HIVE...But here's the thing, these markets will never be based on value and actual community...They are built on hype. We have a superior blockchain, fantastic activity and lots of development...Price will come. You just need to be enjoying the journey every day and then you don't care about prices!

Don't Expect A Thing

When I first got here, I was so happy with an upvote that got me 5 cents. I'm STILL happy when I get votes for 5 cents!!! I'm grateful for every single vote I get and thankful that people see value in my posts...But I never expect them. The whales aren't coming to save you, you have to build this with your circle and your efforts. When you do get some big votes, enjoy it, be thankful and move on...Deliver value every day, you WILL get noticed.

Put Some Skin In The Game

I remember when I first got started here, the dream of getting to 500 'staked tokens' was a pipe dream...You have to remember, back then these tokens were trading around 8 bucks each. So I decided I had to buy in small chunks, as often as possible. I started to dollar cost average and developed that ol' 5-500-5000 formula that I still use to this day. Because of that, I'm to levels I never dreamed of being possible...But it doesn't happen without fiat in the game or daily effort...You have to do both!

It doesn't have to be thousands...And never spend a dime you cannot afford to lose, but give yourself a goal to hit and work towards it every day!

Enjoy The Journey

Sounds corny, but the biggest asset you will gain here is...The community! Hive is...Awesome. Every single last one of you! Enjoy this place, it truly is a remarkable platform and I do believe we are just getting started!

Here's to another awesome 3 years!!!!

Thank you for sharing my journey with me, I appreciate every single person that has ever engaged with me!


Let's grow together!!!

Come say hi and meet with the most dedicated and fired up entrepreneurs on the blockchain ...

The CTP Swarm

We're big on community!

And we'd love to have you join the CTP Swarm!

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lol I completely agree!!!!

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This is awesome! I’m too tired to think of a more thoughtful comment. It’s been a long day!

ha ha ha ha All good man, appreciate the comments no matter what :)

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Congratulations for 3 years Jon.
I like the suggestion of showing up here everyday and I have been following the same since last 2 years almost. It worked for me and it really works.
Every vote matters because it proves that we are delivering value to the platform.

It works for sure man. You are living proof of it! Appreciate the comments :)

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3c on your first, I did better at 28c but only because of @hr1. It got worse with the next two posts at $0.00. Happy Birthday, you are a few months older than me.

ha ha ha ha Nice!!!

Thanks very much! Been the quickest 3 years of my life that's for sure....

HR1...Wow, I think that account used to upvote me a bunch back on 'the other blockchain' lol

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Congratulations on your milestone... means you've been at it longer than most!

For me, the key takeaway for people here are the words "show up every day." Success and growth here doesn't just come dropping out of the sky...


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I wish there was some secret to it, but it's literally...Show up. Every day. And when you don't feel like showing up....That's when you make sure you do :)

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But it doesn't seem to fit into a lot of people's perception that that the old truism that "success is 90% PERspiration and 10% INspiration" actually is true...


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A great read. Congratulations on your three years. Looking forward to pick your brain and good luck with all your projects.

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Appreciated sir, thanks very much. Anytime, I'm always around :)

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Happy Hive Birthday @jongolson

Thank you sir! Appreciated!

Most welcome 😉

3 blockchain years is like 30 haha! Sounds like you have learned a lot in your time here and consistency is always key with anything. Keep up the good work with CTP 🙂

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Thanks man...Feels like it for sure LOL

Btw. Did crypto save your business then? :D

Ha ha ha ha

It changed a lot. Gave us new life...I think it has...I mean nothing has replaced the volume we did with PayPal....But crypto's future is the big win for online businesses.

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Thats amazing tho!

As long as its varible to live off I would say its amazing :'D

WOW, I have actually been here longer than you by a couple of months. I show up every day, but need to get motivated to post every day. Still has been an awesome journey.

Yeah I wasn't one of the first here for sure...Kills me that I wasn't around for those 7 cent prices LOL

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Congrats Jon
Let grow and build everyday. Happy to increase my stake every day.

Thanks very much. Yup, that's the key, increase it every single day...Even if it's by 1 HP

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Happy Blockchainbirthday!!! :)

Congrats on your journey and commitment till now, which I'm sure you will keep also in the future!

Thanks for the good tips and advice! :)

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Thanks man, appreciate that!

I'm too stubborn to stop now LOL

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Congrats on your blockchain birthday. I remember trying to get an account on that chain back in the day. I signed up and then got nothing. I waited and waited and waited. Gave up on it for three months and then was finally able to find a different way to create an account. I should be coming up on my three year anniversary pretty soon as well.

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Oh it was madness...I had people that joined the day i did...But didn't get their account for 4 weeks.

It was a mess.

So glad we're past that lol And congrats on your upcoming 3rd blockchain birthday!

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I am glad too! Thank you!

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hehe i still remember my first intro post! It made around 0,40 cents i think, but the number of people welcoming me in the comment section was amazing!

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I think that's this blockchain's greatest strength...People actually do want to engage and welcome new members to it.

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Eobot, that's a blast from the past right there. 😅
Always good to look back on where you came from to put things in to perspective. :)

So true....Yeah I didn't really mess with too many faucets but started 'cloud mining' with Eobot.

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Lol, I remember a time when I went down a rabbit hole of faucets.

Time is going so fast. But in cryptos - seems like even 10 times faster

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Unless you're waiting for the price to go back up 😂

Congratulations! I'm close to three years on the chain as well, and resonate a lot with your story. In my case as well, community weighed a lot, otherwise I would have been gone long time ago, thanks to the bear market.

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So true...Yeah the bear market was rough, still in it on Hive for that matter LOL But the community was key for sure...And I kept seeing development and exciting new things...That's been huge for my 'bullish' approach to it.

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I haven't been around here during the bull market but I'm highly excited about those future times.

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Congratulations of reaching this milestone man! Look where you are now after 3 years! I'm happy that I have met you and all the great people of the CTP community. I'm looking forward to build much more stuff here :-)

Thanks man!

2021 is going to be epic. Thanks for bringing so much value to the community!

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Congratulations !

I'm only here for 9 month and it really seems really long to me !

Most of people who just want Hive to rise are the ones who already quit the blockchain when the price cme below 15¢

Having fewer rewards doesn't mean that we should quit the platform.

I'm really happy to learn of lot of things from a lot of different people here on Hive with many communities. And for me the today rewards are really good even if the Hive isn't $10

Long term, I don't see why we can't get there...But that's almost a side benefit to everything else that we are learning and accomplishing here.

Such an awesome platform!

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Big congratulations to 3 years on the blockchain man, and nice to see where you started from, time AND effort makes all the difference, keep up the good work.

Thanks man, you've got to be getting close to?

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Yeah I think it's like January 27 or something, but I was hardly active for the whole first year lol.

Congratulations for 3 years! You had already seen the future 3 years ago

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Thanks :)

Yeah I really do believe this place has a massive future. Now is the time to build :)

this platform has enormous potential. It is currently undervalued

Awesome "Hive origin" story, Jon! Congrats on 3 years and as I said on Twitter...

Thanks so much :) Appreciate that!

I started in 11th grade when my ap computer science teacher signed me up. He got me into steemit until hive was introduced. I started off not getting noticed as much but now I kind of am. Good to see you doing well on your 3 year journey.

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That's awesome...I'm sure you have heard this a million times already...But I WISH I was into this kind of thing when I was your age...You will be doing great in the future, just stay the course!

I'm trying my best and everything I earn on here goes to silver investments. That's what i use my hive for when i have enough.

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in what place I can trade these TAN tokens?

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