Inspirational Monday (8) - How Will People Remember You?

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Whenever we made a bit of a mess of something...or had a failure of any kind or anything we feel embarrassed about, we sometimes get the advice to put it behind us and move on.

We get told that, while we feel bad (or embarrassed) about it, by tomorrow everybody has forgotten about it and just carry on with their lives...

But, not only is this true when you've done something you would prefer not to get reminded about...even when you have done something great (in your opinion anyhow) tomorrow everybody has forgotten about it.

You might get a nice pat on the back and maybe a "well done"...but by tomorrow it is forgotten and everybody just carries on with their lives as normal...

How Can You Make an Impact and Be Remembered?

So, how will you make an impact? How will people remember you?

That brings us to today's quote:

I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. ~ Maya Angelou.

It's often not about what you say, but how you say it.
It's often not about what you do, but how you do it.

Let's use one silly example... with one simple statement. You can say "Oh, I love working in the garden".

One person can say that and I would think "wow, this person is really passionate about gardening. Then someone else can say that exact same sentence and I will totally get it...this person totally hates working in a

It's all in the way you say it and the body language that goes with it...

But, to make an impact that will be remembered, is how you make the other person feel about what you say or do?

It is a fact that if something doesn't really have an impact on you personally, or it doesn't really excite you, it will easily be forgotten.

Have you ever found yourself in the company of someone else and it feels as if you just can't get the conversation going? Try to find out what is of interest or what is important to that person and see how fast you get that conversation going.

Do you want to be remembered for something you do...? Do something that will have an impact on someone else. And this is where we need to do some thinking before we do...

Whether that impact is positive or negative, it will be remembered.

Anybody in a leadership position should lead by example. This is especially true in parenthood. Don't tell someone (especially your children) what to do while you do something else.

People will do as you do, not as you say. And what will have a lasting impact is how it makes them feel! If it's a positive feeling, they will stick with you. And even if your ways have to part, they will remember you. If it's a negative experience though, they will either just drift away from you and forget about you or have bad memories of you, depending on the degree of impact your actions had on them.

This is what makes the CTP Community so special to me. From everybody in leadership positions, all the way through the rest of the community, everybody is supportive of one another. Something I've heard (or read) in this community more than once is the principle of "first the person, then the money".

It's the first time ever I have found something like this online. Normally, people are more than willing to speak with you...until they have your money or until they realize that they are not going to get your money... And for this reason, I will always remember my experience in this community.

So, I think what we can take from this, is that life is larger than just our own little bubble where we live in.

If you want to be remembered in any way, start thinking about the impact you have on other people by doing what you do. This doesn't mean you just have to become a "people-pleaser". Stand your ground. Stand for what you believe in!

But do your actions have a positive impact on the people around you? Can anybody (besides yourself) benefit from what you do?

It's not just about what you say. It's not just about what you do. How do you make people feel by doing what you do?


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