Inspirational Monday (7) - Walking is The Best Exercise

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Walking is the best excercise.png

Today's post is going to be short and to the point. It just is what it is...and I think most of us (if not all of us) can benefit from giving thought to this. It definitely got me!

This morning my wife sent me this thought-provoking message on Whatsapp...

It was a nice little "Good Morning" message...and it started off with this message...

Best Exercise Is Walking

  • Walk away from arguments that lead to anger.
  • Walk away from thoughts that steal your happiness.
  • The more you walk away from things that destroy your soul, the happier your life will be.

And with that, I can actually end this post... It describes the whole message...

But let's get to the quote for today and think about it more.

Take Control of Your Day.

This brings me to our quote for the day:

Either you run the day, or the day runs you. ~ Jim Rohn

We always talk about the importance of planning our day and time management. We talk about the fact that we all have the same amount of time which is limited to 1440 minutes per day.

Yet, some of us get things done and some of us...well, still have a hard time getting things done, in spite of our best attempts to plan and to manage our time...

Why is this?

The fact is, you can plan your day to the best of your ability... You can do time blocking, plan your schedule, plan every single project, allocate time for every activity... But if you don't take control of your mind...your thoughts, you are going to find major challenges.

You see, planning something (even to the finest detail) is one thing. Executing that plan is something totally different.

The moment you took part in that argument, you made space for thoughts during the day that will make it hard to remain focused.

The moment you allow any thought to occupy your mind that steals your happiness, you'll find it hard to remain focused and execute your plan of action...which is supposed to be joyful.

I can speak of experience... Some "idiot" will cut you off in peak-hour traffic or just be plain rude, and you will get upset. By the time you want to start working on your project, you are still upset and thinking about everything you would like to say (or do) to that idiot...

But do you know what? While you are still highly irritable and find it hard to focus on what you are supposed to be focused on (and enjoy it), that same "idiot" is most probably going on with his life having a ball of a time. He is most likely not even aware of the fact that he caused you any discomfort or that you are still thinking of him. I'll bet you he couldn't care less either...

So, walk away from anything that can distract you or steal your joy. Let it go! Remain focused on what is important to you! Notice these events, people, or thing that happens, but see them as obstacles (like rocks) in your way... Push them aside, side-step some, climb/jump over others, but don't give them an identity. Don't add value to them. Only pay enough attention to them to get past them. Then move on. They are behind you!

Remain focused on your end-destination, your goal, and run your day, or your day will run you.

I hope this helps you have an awesome week and to reach your weekly goals without getting side-tracked.