Inspirational Monday (6) - What Happened to Our Creativity?

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In today's day and age, we often hear people claiming that they find it hard to be creative. It's almost as if "being creative" is a talent only reserved for the select few.

We tend to think of artists, musicians, actors, and writers as the creative "type". But we shouldn't limit "being creative" to a certain type of personality...or person.

We are all born with the ability to be creative. We, as adults, have a responsibility to manage and maintain a balance in our children's lives as they grow up. We should allow them to use their imagination and develop their creativity as they grow up.

I can remember during my own childhood...if you found yourself in a situation where there were no toys available, you would find a piece of wood, or whatever you could find, and imagine it was a vehicle or airplane.

Sometimes we would fold a piece of paper in an odd shape, resembling a car. Putting it on a hard, smooth surface (such as a table or desk), you would blow on it from behind to make it move. Depending on the size of the paper, the paper would sometimes vibrate on the surface - which would then resemble the "sound of the engine" We would have drag races with our friends...or see who's "car" can go the furthest. We've had hours of fun doing stuff like that.

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There Is An Artist In Everyone

But, with all due respect, what I often see in our modern-day society, is that when our kids don't have computer games or some technological games or toys, or they can't watch television, they get bored very quickly. That boredom often turns into either frustration, even depression, or plain bad behavior. It's just as if they cannot use their imagination anymore...

Don't get me wrong, technology definitely has its place. It can be used to develop our children and I really do believe that our children need to grow up with technology to be ready for the kind of future we are facing.

But, I also believe that we must not be so quick to put a tablet or laptop into our children's hands, just to keep them occupied and entertained.

And I believe this is where today's inspirational thought is applicable.

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up. ~ Pablo Picasso.

Children have very active imaginations. We should encourage them to use their imaginations and develop the ability to "think outside the box"...or like I heard someone say recently...think like there is no box!

Let's give them space to develop their imagination and creative thinking abilities, and then give them access to technology to take it even further.

Every child might be an artist, but as an adult, you don't have to be an artist to be creative. Creative thinking can (and should) be developed since childhood. During adulthood, it can be applied and be taken to the next level.

Creative thinking shouldn't be limited to artists or people who we "label" as being creative people. Creative thinking has tremendous benefits whether you are an artist, a business person, a financial person, or whatever you can think of...

But it won't happen all by itself. It has to be done on purpose (until it becomes a habit). During childhood, we can make it fun for our children by "gamifying" the learning process. And guess what...that even works in!

We all enjoy having some fun! Always being serious about everything can become very intimidating and you will eventually try to avoid whatever it is you should be doing. But add some fun to it and see what happens.

Think of people such as Elon Musk and Richard Branson... Look at what their goals are...they want to take people to Mars!

I dare you... you try and tell someone that you are going to live on Mars one day. They will probably laugh at you and say "yeah...whatever..."

And you? How would you feel after getting that response from the fifth person...? You'll probably start feeling like a fool and just give up on it. We are quick to jump into the "boxes" other people create for us. We are limiting ourselves by allowing other people to create those "boxes" for us.

But people like Elon Musk and Richard Branson don't care two hoots about what other people think of their dreams. It's their dream and they are living it out, working towards the manifestation of it. If they make it, they will be over the moon (, but if they don't...who cares? They still enjoy the process of working towards it.

You see, we tell people about our dreams to see how they will respond and that is what we pay attention to... before we decide to start working on it. It's as if we need other people's approval for our dreams to become reality before we start working towards them.

People like Elon Musk and Richard Branson on the other hand, tell people about their dreams because they've already made up their minds about doing it...and they are excited about it. They could care less whether you think they are crazy or not. They are doing it anyway, and they are having fun doing it!

So, here is my challenge to you for this week: don't be limited to the "boxes" where other people are putting you in. Start living as if there are no "boxes" to contain you!


No boxes, no frames, and a personal health system of beliefs!
Thank you for a great motivating article, @jacoalberts!

No boxes, no frames, and a personal health system of beliefs!

Absolutely! Total freedom to just be yourself!

I am glad you enjoyed my article. Thank you for your input!

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