Inspirational Monday (11) - How to Consider Taking Revenge.


Taking revenge... How do you feel about taking revenge? There are generally 3 ways to respond to the idea of taking revenge...

  • Yes!!! I'll get back at "Mr. Smart" and show him a thing or two...
  • No no no... It's wrong to take revenge... Just carry on with your life and let it be...
    or lastly
  • Revenge? What exactly have you got in mind by saying "how to consider taking revenge"?

So, there are the two extremes. But, there is another way... A way that will actually cause no harm, damage, or loss to anybody. It won't affect anybody's health in the way of stress or anger either.

The Best Revenge

If you want to know how this is possible at all, just read our quote for this week as stated by the world-famous Frank Sinatra:

The best revenge is massive success. ~ Frank Sinatra

And there you have it. No anger. No stress. No violence. No backstabbing or bad-mouthing.

Just get more focused on what you want to achieve and do it. The more someone tries to run you down or demotivate you, the more focused and more determined you get.

Don't waste your valuable time and energy on getting angry and bitter. Don't waste any time and/or energy on thinking of ways to get back at that person. Let them be and if possible at all, pay no attention to them.

Most of the time the people who have the most negative things to say are those who haven't achieved anything themselves and they probably don't know any better anyway.

I listened to an interview with a well-known influencer some time ago. The presenter asked him how he feels about people making negative remarks and comments about him in the media.

His response was, "I don't read it. They are not going to change my mind or my opinion, so why should I waste any energy to get upset by reading those negative comments?"

So, who are you going to listen to? The doom prophets who haven't achieved anything themselves anyhow? Or the more successful person who can see the potential of what you are aiming for?

So where is the revenge we are talking about?

It is when you start achieving success. When you start seeing the results you want and you see those red, embarrassed faces of those who said you'll never make it.

Nobody got harmed or injured. Nobody suffered any losses. You didn't risk your health by getting all worked-up, bitter or angry. But now you start enjoying the results of your perseverance and hard work.

And you don't have to rub anybody's nose in anything. Those doom-prophets who so desperately tried to derail you will just go quiet and disappear...

They will either just stay quiet and disappear to nowhere or, if they are man enough, they will have to admit that they were wrong all along.

Without saying a word, without getting involved in any arguments, that is the sweetest revenge you can get.

My daughter has a great philosophy in life in my opinion.
She says "always listen to more experienced people and follow their advice. Learn from them. But never get involved in an argument with someone who doesn't know what he is talking about. He'll just drag you down to his level of ignorance where he will beat you with experience".

If you remain focused on achieving your goals, there will be no need to consciously pay any attention to taking revenge. It will just be a bonus as you quietly smile while you achieve one goal after the other and nobody can argue against the fact that you are achieving your goals.

Do you waste too much energy being concerned with what the "nay-sayers" and the doom-prophets are saying about you? Or are you rather spending your energy in a positive way?

Spend your energy where it matters most...focusing on achieving your goals and stay alive and well.

By the way, it may be worth your while to check out the I Am Alive Challenge and be off to a great start, celebrating the fact that you're alive today!

Tell us in the comment section how negative criticism is affecting you (if at all) and how do you handle it?


Really well said there Jaco, focus on your goals and how to achieve them, not on how to not reach them, that is the way to success indeed, have an awesome new week.


Thank you, Erik! I really do appreciate your comment and your ongoing support!


Thanks Jaco and keep up your great work.