CTP Blueprint and beyond

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CTP blueprint was created to help the members of the Clicktrackprofit.com to understand, navigate and take advantage of all the features within Clicktrackprofit.com

Well, today CTP blueprint is more matured and has gone beyond clicktrackprofit

The ebook is the good way to start. A small investment to get the rights to the ebook is worth it.

CTP blueprint has a monthly video subscription. This is where the wealth of knowledge is.

The good part is that CTP blueprint contains videos beyond clicktrackprofit.

CTP blueprint has videos on hive, ctptalk, hive-engine, plus1success and more..

I currently don't have a subscription to the library. But, i know they are good.

CTP blueprint also has a downline builder, which supports various other programs.

The owner is very helpful and supportive.

Always ready to help

I would say, it has fulfilled it's main purpose, but not finished.
It has lots of potential to go beyond it's name - CTP Blueprint.

Let us call it, CTP blueprint and beyond.

@elianaicgomes, congrats on completing 6 months.

For more details about ctp-bp-halfanniversary, click the link.
👉 https://ctptalk.com/contest/@elianaicgomes/ctp-bp-halfanniversary-contest-because-i-like-inventing-words

Signing off,

farhad kias


Thank you so much for the feedback!
I like the beyond theme!
Hope for many months to come!

I borrowed that from startrek :-)

May be you can create a banner, with that theme :-)

cool great post I also there. congratulations