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RE: Thursday Night Live - Don't Be 'That Guy or Girl!'

in The CTP Swarm3 months ago

We all need to push ourselves from time to time.

Nice to hear about another airdrop based on a token I have. :)

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Yup and then @he-index just airdropped CUB to our token holders this morning too.

Not a bad week :)

I saw that too! I suppose that's an one time thing because of the airdrop it received?

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Yeah, we got about 32 CUB coupons, and sent them out to the INDEX holders :)

Awesome! My share from this is too small to be worth moving to Cub Finance. I'll probably sell it on LeoDex. Something else I need more of: Index tokens. LOL

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ha ha ha ha ha INDEX is just such a solid token these days. the dividends have been growing so nicely.

Very happy with it!!