The CTPSB project has reached 10'000 Hive Power

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We have reached an amazing milestone with the CTPB project. We have reached 10'000 owned Hive Power! We started with 0 on the 1st of September and not even two months later we are at 10'000!!!

Including delegations, the account votes now with over 40'000 Hive Power.

Good news for the delegators

If you delegate Hive Power to the @ctpsb account, we have some good news for you. Since last week, all the delegators get dividends in the form of CTP tokens. Every week we take 50% of all hive-engine tokens that were generated during the previous week and distribute them to the delegators according to the size of their delegation.

This means that the more tokens are on the account, the more dividends we will pay out. Many of you have delegated Hive-Engine tokens to the @ctpsb account and for some tokens we are among the biggest stake holders. We are the biggest account for CTP tokens. We are in the top 10 for BUILD tokens and close to the top10 for SPORTS tokens. These delegations came in about a week ago and soon we will start to see curation rewards coming in. This will have a huge impact on the dividends that we will be able to pay out.

delgate now to get dividends on Sunday

The dividends are paid on Sunday or Monday according to my free time and the dividends are paid according to the delegations at that time. So if you delegate Hive Power now, you are elegible for the dividends on Sunday !

When you delegate to the account, not only will you receive dividends in the form of CTP tokens, you will also increase the Hive Power of the account. This will increase the value of the upvotes on your posts and this will also increase the curation rewards of the account and thereby boost the value of the token!

Learn more about the CTP Swarm Booster:

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Crushing it!

This project just keeps getting better and better!

It's a pleasure to see how everybody is taking part, delegating, buying tokens, engaging. There are no limits ;-)

This is awesome news...

CTPSB is crushing...
Beat of luck for the futures also...

Thanks a lot ;-)

It is wonderful to hear this beautiful news. I am a participant of this coin and I have a promise to reach 100 times and this is the challenge that I place today among my friends.

Good luck in reaching your goals! This is a nice goal.

Can i delegate other tokens too?

You can also delegate other tokens and like that it will increase the dividends. However there are only dividends on Hive Power delegations.

Great progress indeed!
1 million HP, a deal to have
Keep up

Thanks for stopping by. 1 million is the target ;-)


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This is getting better and better!
Congrats on the 10K!!
I think I delegated pretty much everything I can at the moment lolol
Added a little bit of Hive Power delegation though!
Loving watching this grow by the day!
Thank you so so much again for all of this!


I saw your delegation which is amazing! Thanks so much for your outstanding support!

NICE ! :)

Thanks for your comment!

10K HP on CTPSB account is great news!

I'm not sure if I get it right about other H-E token earnings... You plan to sell 50% of them, buy CTP tokens, and distribute dividends? That would have a nice positive effect on the token price...

You are doing a great job with this project!

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You got it 100% correctly ;-). This is actually the long term plan to bring value to the ctp token. In addition to that Jon will burn his dividends and like that we reduce the supply and increase the demand at the same time :-)

YAY! Congratulations on quite a huge milestone. This project is on fire. :)

That is amazing about the dividends... it makes a lot of sense focusing on just the big ones for now. The LEO multiplier is such a game changer for these things :)

Thank you for always making this project better & better! Your hard work is appreciated :)🧡

it makes a lot of sense focusing on just the big ones for now

Exactly this allows me to get experience and build also the smaller stakes up. In the long term I can concentrate on all tokens and increase the dividends all the time :-)

Good news.
This is a good chance for me.
I will try it now.
Just I delegated 200 Hive Power to @ctpsb.

Thanks a lot for your delegation! You will be elegible for the dividends in CTP tokens at the end of the week ;-)

Great double dolphin.
Now you are only lacking an intro ;)

Man this intro is still bugging me LOL.

If it's problematic, do what @jongolson says just hire someone from fiverr to do it.

Those are some awesome milestones, Achim! Happy to be a part of the community and project!

It's great to have you onboard. I watched your interview with Blain. Great job!

Thank you, Achim! Have a great day and weekend.😀

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Great news
Best of luck
I am still trying to understand how this all work 😂

Thanks for stopping by. It's a bit complicated. Maybe check out the main page of the project:

Will go through the website
Thanks a lot

Congrats on the success of the project!!

I don't have much HP but this project is well worth it. Just delegated another 50 HP.

Thanks a lot for your delegation! You will get some dividends in CTP tokens once a week :-)

Nice Achim.
Are you able to automate the delegation things.
I am feeling CTPSB project going to see some more explosive growth.

I thought I would be able to create a bot to pay the dividends but it's much more difficult than I thought. I have automated the calculation but I still need to send the tokens manually.

That is a really great délégation program !

I'm not sure to have funny understood. Do you pay dividends only with CTP tokens or with every Hive engine tokens ?

You got a new delegator ! I can't give more than 38 hp

Thanks a lot for your delegation. It's much appreciated. Since I pay the dividends manually, I exchange all the tokens into CTP and pay out CTP tokens to all delegators once a week.

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What a awesome milestone :)

Thank you, we can be proud to have reached 10'000 Hive Power as a community. Thanks for stopping by.

To infinity and beyond!
I see you also have some miners already. Expanding on those would also benefit everyone, I think.

There are some CTP miners on the account and also some bro tokens that bring in tokens automatically. There is also project 1.78 that I plan to invest in a bit ;-). The idea is to continually increase the income sources and increase the dividends for the delegators.

That's the right idea! 💪
What is project 1.78?

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