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This is a little update of the CTPSB project. Since the beginning of the month of october the tokens have been distributed and the token value evolves as planned. Since the launch the value has passed from 1.017 hive to 1.022 hive in about 4 days. This represents an increase of close to 5%!

You can influence the value of the CTPSB token directly

The CTPSB project has one big advantage over all other investment vehicles. It's under your own control. You can actually influence it's value by your daily posting behavior.

Upvote and reblog the posts of the @ctpsb account

One income source of the project is the author rewards from the posts that are created by this account. All the upvotes given to these posts will increase the value of the token.
When you reblog the posts of the @ctpsb account, you can increase the awareness of the project around you and maybe people will start to buy tokens.

Your posts matter more than you think

The major income source of this project is however the curation rewards that are earned while upvoting the posts of the CTP community.

The account will upvote always at the same time and with the same intensity (at the moment it's 70%). We would think that this would represent a same upvote for everybody. However this is not true because on Hive we have a kind of curve that reduces the value of upvotes when the post value is low. The more value a post gets, the more value the upvote will have and the more curation reward can be generated.

We have some great tools on the CTP tribe. If you produce quality content you might get upvoted by the curation trails of @bradleyarrow or @ph1102. This means that your posts will get more value in CTP tokens but also in Hive. The @ctpsb account and all the people who upvote your posts will earn more if your posts get more value. Therefore you should always try to put quality first.

I've written a post about this topic yesterday.

Better return on posts with videos

I've seen that posts that are made over dtube or 3speak consistently make more rewards than written posts. It might therefore be a good idea to make more video content.

If you can generate more value on your posts, you will also generate more value for the CTPSB token

A little contest for the CTP Swarm

3speak will allow the @ctpsb account to upvote comments with a total value of 20$ tomorrow. I thought it would be a great idea to make a little contest.

The rules

Write a comment to this post with the following topic: How can I add quality and value to my posts
Your entry should be something between 30 and 200 words and in English. Try to come up with something original ;-)

The prices

I will use the complete 20$ of 3speak upvotes on the comments given. The better the comments the more you will receive. The number of votes and how the votes are spread will depend on your entries.

I will give the upvotes monday 5.10.2020 around 9 P.M CET time.

Learn more about the CTP Swarm Booster:

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I'm with @pixiepost!
Always ask people for feedback so I can improve myself and my posts...sharing my experiences might help someone with a similar journey as mine.
I tend to do more videos because I believe it's important to show ourselves, show that we are real people, and it kind has some personal touch to it! People get to know you and perhaps like the way you share your content.
I also like to add images created by me to add more personalization and maybe some fun to it! Just a long text would be a bit boring to some!
Well, to be honest, I don't add much editing to my videos, maybe I should grab more people's attention but I do my best at least to have the best content when I talk!
Still a learning process but that's the beauty of it: there's always space for improvement :)
Thank you so much for your hard work Achim!
Gotta love this community token ;)

Thanks a lot for your comment and your entry! I think that you are right that videos allow a better identification with you. It's easier to show who we really are and build a trust based relationship.

I don't know if this comment will qualify for the contest.
But I have added the CTPSB account to my fanbase with a 100% upvote.
This is one way we can increase it's value.
I am don't know if I am correct but if we wait to upvote posts until after CTPSB has upvoted them I think we will increase the value of CTPSB's vote, correct me if I am wrong.

Thanks a lot for your comment and your entry! It's a great way to support the project to put an automatic upvote on the @ctpsb account. It's true that curation return will be higher if people vote after the @ctpsb account.

Something went wrong so my comment got posted several times, I have now deleted the duplicates.
If you comment using the CTPSB account we can upvote it's comments.

It's special times on the blockchain and we get some duplicates from time to time. Thanks for erasing them. It would be an idea to comment with the @ctpsb account. Like that it would generate more CTP tokens (it's very difficult to get hive with commenting). I will do it in the next post! Thanks for the great idea!

Firstly, thanks for doing this community project... I know that these things take a lot of time, and you are giving your valuable time to all of us...

Secondly, these short videos that you are doing are great as educational videos for people that still don't get the importance of quality over quantity and trying to "trick" the system... Even if there is a chance to do that, it will be short-term gain and there is no sense to waste time on that...

Regarding bringing more value to our personal posts... Well, I'm trying to bring value in every single post that I make... Sometimes, I do succeed in that, sometimes not that much... The point is in the effort and will to do so... To contribute to the community and to bring value to my audience... I have made some mistake, I will share that with my audience, to tell them to not do that... :)

What can I improve in my content? I will try to bring some new topics for educational purposes, like tutorials or HowTo-s... I was doing something similar in the past, so I think that it can be useful for newcomers here...

And I have some other ideas, but I will keep them at the moment for myself...

Btw. This is a great idea to incentivize engagement... I will maybe use a similar trick in the future... :)

Made in Canva

@thisisawesome Moderator

This post is AWESOME!

It will therefore get a manual 100% upvote from @thisisawesome (will be done today), for the Awesome Daily Highlights in category CTPtalk, we give out 1 such vote in that category per day, plus 4 more in other categories, and your post will also be featured in today's Awesome Daily Curation report for more visibility.

The goal of this project is to "highlight Awesome Content, and growing the Hive ecosystem and the CTPtalk tribe by rewarding it".


Thanks a lot for your amazing comment and your entry. I think that it's important for everybody's sake to increase the quality of our posts. Of course it's great to show up and produce every day but then it's even more important to have a minimal standard of quality. We need to put some effort into it otherwise what we do doesn't have much meaning. We can't build a brand with content that nobody likes...

YES, quality content truly is one of the keys to success here! It's a domino effect, especially with the CTPSB project & the upvotes. So, everyone is being rewarded all around.

I am always looking to improve on my content. For me personally, I think it's just a matter of getting more people to engage in the conversation that I am discussing. Maybe pose a question and even offer a tiny incentive for it. Or even just posting in different communities to gain more exposure to CTP as a brand.

So happy to see this taking off as well as it is. Keep up the awesome work, Achim!:)

Thank you very much for your comment Jenn. I think that it is very central to get sometimes out of our own community and interact with other people as well. Like that we can increase our circle of influence.

How can I add quality and value to my posts....
I beleive with Different content bring different value. I personally find that post with some explain or presentation gives more value than just write about some program ...
As you know i do Beneficiaries - @ctpsb 10%,added html CTPSB widget on my site...That is from me today-Love the Project😀

You are right that explainer posts, tutorials and also personal stories bring more value than writing about a program. It's great that you put the @ctpsb account as beneficiary of your posts. That's a great boost for the program!

Love team spirit😀


I like the idea of this project (helping the community) and returns look fabulous. So I am in.

Thanks a lot for the reblog and the comment. Glad to have you onboard!

I saw few more ctpsb sold, It is getting awareness now outside of the CTP tribe too.
I am hoping you are using "Leodex" for saving the transfer fess(1% in HE vs .25 % in leodex) of swap.hive to Hive.

For me quality is just truthfulness, if you know it is not good and no interest of user, then do not post it.

Thanks for your comment. Yes I do all transactions via Leodex to save costs. Thanks also for generating awarenss outside of the community. I saw your post on publish0x.

My pleasure. I like to talk about CTP community.

I think that one of the most important things is to be yourself and talk from your own perspective.

Tell people where you’re coming from, what your experience has been whatever you talk about in your post.

That way you create the best kind of valuable content.

Even when you share a principle from a book, still give it your own flavor.

That’s is also the best way to get a following. By sharing who you are, in order that peeler get to know you and trust you.

Man I think you really nailed a very important point. Often when I see some posts I have the feeling I'm reading an advert or sometimes even an entry from a dictionary.

I believe that what makes posts interesting is when you start to share about yourself, your experiences, your opinions. It's also an opportunity to create relationships and to build something more profound on the blockchain. We want to build a brand but we have the possibility to give it our warmth and our feelings and that can make a huge difference.

Thanks a lot for your comment and your entry!

Yes and when people trust you it is possible to grow in pre-eminence. A concept Jay Abraham talks about a lot. It is to be the most trusted advisor for your customers/clients.

When you achieve that position you will outperform the competition with ease.

Jon for instance does that very well in my opinion.

I think the most important is to stay consistent - something that I am always striving to get better at. After that, be sure you are writing about things that matter to you. People can see through even text most times. I find when it's genuine people respond more. Also don't be afraid to step out of your niche...there are lots of things to write about and no rule that you have to only talk about one topic. Also, listen to the feedback you get from people who have been doing this longer than you! Always be willing to get better :)

Thanks a lot for taking part in this little contest. These are very sensitive things that you pointed out! I believe that a very important thing is to always try to get better at what we are doing.

I appreciate the opportunity :)

Great stuff man!

Such a big win and I love that we are in control of this project...We will determine it's success and future!

Thanks a lot for your comment and your support. We are at control at every level and I think we have all the tools to succeed with this project.

I am excited to see how this new project grows and changes. I delegated because it is fun to get in on something from the very beginning!

I add value to my posts by finding the niches in which I have expertise, such as knitting, homeschooling, and libertarian philosophy. I post to relevant communities and cross post to my own blog. I also am working on improving my photography--especially important with needlework posts!

Thank you so much for your comment. I believe that you are right in adding pictures to your posts when you do tutorials. This can give a totally different appeal to our content and a lot of people need these pictures to continue to follow the content.

I'm sorry that I can't give you a 3speak upvote anymore. I've used already all the upvoting power at my disposition.

Just keep building this project. As the CTP community and associated projects like CTPSB grow, we all win!

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