Big news for the CTPSB project

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Big news for the CTPSB project

Lately I've analized different projects on the Hive blockchain and little by little a new idea formed in my head. It's not the contest that I was speaking about in the last update, this will come a bit later.

The situation today

At the moment the token owners profit from a very high APR in part also because of the amazing delegations that people give to the project. The CTPSB token is growing at a rate above 50% per year which is great I believe.

The delegators to this project however don't really profit from it if they don't also own some CTPSB tokens.

The @ctpsb account also generates value in Hive-Engine tokens like CTP, LEO, Neoxian, Archon thanks to curation rewards. The @ctpsb account has become the biggest CTP account thanks to the delegations that it has recieved. At the moment the earned tokens are simply staked on the account.

My idea

In order to encourage people to delegate even more Hive to the @ctpsb account, from now on the delegators will get paid in CTP tokens!

I will let all the earned Hive-Engine tokens on the account and once per week, distribute 50% of these tokens to the delegators according to the size of their delegation. The remaining 50% will be staked on the account.

Since the delegators will be paid in CTP, the other Hive-Engine tokens will be sold on the market and with the resulting hive, we will buy CTP tokens to send to the delegators.

The advantages of this idea

For the delegators

From now on delegators not only support the community and the token holders, they get rewarded for it in CTP tokens. I believe it's a great incentive for them to delegate even more.

For the token holders

Since people have an incentive to delegate even more Hive to the project, the chances to get new delegations increases. This will allow to have even a better APR than what we have now since delegations leverage the curation rewards.

For CTP token holders

Most of us are strongly attached to the CTP community and its token. With this idea we will use 50% of all the curation rewards in any Hive-Engine tokens to actually buy CTP tokens! This will create a demand for the token and probably will lead to higher CTP prices in the future. The more curation rewards the @ctpsb account can generate the more CTP tokens it will be able to buy and the more the price will increase. The higher the CTP price and the more volume the token gets, the more interesting it will become for investors and delegators. Therefore they might be more interested in delegating the the @ctpsb account to get more CTP tokens!

For content creators

More delegations, more stakes means that the upvote value of the @ctpsb account will grow even more. Therefore you will get higher upvotes on your posts and also higher rewards in other tokens.

I believe it's a very positive cycle that would profit all of us.

How will it be implemented ?

At the moment the stake of most coins is still quite small, therefore in the beginning the distribution will be mainly done in the CTP tokens that are generated by the account.

The dividends will be paid manually once a week. To calculate the dividend, I will take the percentage of each delegation in the total amount of delegations and split the dividends accordingly.

How you can contribute to this

You can directly help to kickstart this idea and by doing so help to increase the dividends that delegators get and support the ctp price.

Check your Hive-Engine account and look at the tokens that you have laying there. If there are some idle tokens that you don't use, either send or delegate them to @ctpsb. We are looking mainly at the following stakable tokens:


Hope you like this idea?

I believe that this idea can only make winners within the project and I hope you like it. If you feel however that this doesn't go in the correct direction please feel free to tell me.

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Great news, I agree that the delegators should get some return on their delegations.
This will hopefully bring in more delegations to the CTPSB.

Suggestion though do the purchase of CTP tokens at random times so that others and especially bots cannot predict when you are gonna do it and try to manipulate the price.

Personally I will continue to give 10% of my earnings to CTPSB + delegating 10 % of my CTP tokens.

That's a very good suggestion. I don't have it all planned out how I'm doing the buying but you are right that it shouldn't be too obvious so that people can't manipulate it.
Thanks a lot for your continous support!

Nah. All CTP order book is dominated by thepriceof, it is better to create buy order for CTP that will make it minimum price up and help to withstand any eventual dumping too.

Welp...I'm a fan :)

Anything that CTP and this account gets in dividends, I'll burn.

If that helps, if not, we can distribute to delegators....Let me know what you think.

I think that if we can reduce supply this will have a doubling effect on the CTP price. Burning the dividends that you get would be a huge added value I believe.

Its a Good Idea...
Delegations should be paid for their support....
Just fot the clarification who you will claculate the payiut for delegation other then hive?

The calucation will be as follows:

  • Number of CTP tokens to distribute = N
  • Total delegations cumulated = TD
  • Delegation of each user = D

-> Dividend for a user = D / TD * N

For the delegation it's the Hive Power that matters and for the dividends it's the earned CTP tokens that matter.

Hope this was clear :-)

For example if I will delegate 100k sports then who it will work..

Dividends are paid only on Hive delegations. If you want to delegate 100k sport, these sport tokens will vote on your own posts and the curation rewards that they generate will be used to buy CTP. So it will support the CTP price and you will get bigger author rewards in Sports.

That is great new for the delegators. I am little divided in direct buying, and LEO also do not buy LEO ,they just put "Buy orders" maintaining strong support at lower levels.

What do you think ,if we distribute 80% to delegator, 20% to project, use Hive for buy order for CTP that will keep maintaining the lower price of CTP and eventually driving the price up. If we get CTP from buy orders then we can stake it.

A lot of good ideas here :-). I think that it's probably a better solution to create a buy wall for the CTP token especially at a later stage. At the beginning it won't matter too much I believe.

What do you think ,if we distribute 80% to delegator, 20% to project

This could be done at a later stage. For the moment we need to create bigger stakes so that we can pay more dividends in the future.

I like the idea from @leo.voter and that's why I have delegated to it, so it could work with the CTP also... Keep the ideas coming... Someone has to think about tokenomics... ;)

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Thanks for the feed-back Zoltan. I think that the concept of leo.voter is very sound and if we can do something similar for CTP, it can only be positive. My banking background helps me with this tokeneconomics LOL

I believe that is a great idea especially when everyone wins a bit :)
I have a few tokens wandering around so I shall delegate them now!
I did also bought 2 BRO Tokens and even if it's very very low I'm already receiving a few of every token which is amazing! Hope to be able to invest more in the near future!
So having other projects embracing this idea I'm in!
We need to keep our tokens flowing for SwarmShopping ;)
Thank you!

Jon gave me the idea about bro coins. It's really great to see some tokens coming everyday from all the different tribes. This will be able to boost the account. Thanks a lot for the delegations, this will be very precious to kickstart this project :-)

I love your ideas, Achim! You always are thinking of great ones, especially the "win-win" ones :)

That is fantastic about the delegation gives ppl even MORE incentive while it allows the CTPSB to grow continually...I relate to what you're saying about @leo.voter. The formula makes sense & that's a good thing to build on...

It will be fun to see this take off, which I know it will! Keep up the awesome work, my friend. 💚

Thanks a lot for your kind words Jenn. If we can reward delegators this will make the whole project develop in an interesting direction.

Great work Achim, getting paid in CTP for delegation is a great way to encourage it, but a suggestion is to pay out the other tokens too with the same setup of 50% payout and 50% staking, that way we can attract more delegators from other tribes too while at the same time increasing the stake in those tokens, just a suggestion, keep up your good work.

That is a very good suggestion. At the moment I'm doing everything manually and if I have to payout to 50 people in 10 different currencies I will spend a couple of hours doing this :-). It's simpler to send just one token at the moment but this can be a nice future development. Thanks a lot for your comment!

Yeah I can totally relate to that, I do it all manually for @thisisawesome.

Wow! lots of good ideas here! I'll take a look at my idle tokens. I'm currently just trying to HODL as much as I could. Pretty much had to sell most when we made the move.. ;)

Thanks a lot for your comment. If you can delegate some of the spare ones it would be great but no pressure :-).

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