Day 4 of 10 Days of Free NFTs on WAX (Plus Guide to Make an Account in Under 2 Minutes)

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Hey guys! There's currently a Street Fighter promo on WAX to publicize their launch in about a week and they are giving out one free NFT per day! Although they're currently going for about $0.14 on market, I assume the price will likely increase once the game actually launches, plus free is free!

Click here to claim your free Street Fighter promo NFT!!

  • If you do not have a WAX account, please check out the below short guide on how to create one


Creating a WAX Account

First of all, you will need to click on this link.

Simply input your email and password, confirm you're not a robot, press sign up and you have your own WAX Cloud Wallet, please note these keys are not controlled by you, but by using this service, you can set up 2FA.

Once this is set up, you're ready to claim!

Remember to check back tomorrow for the next claim link!


Big thanks!!!
Confirmed working

No worries! :)

You could do this using I have not setup WAX

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Interesting platform, would be cool to build a WAX and nftshowroom bridge so you can access two markets :)

That is a really good idea!

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The Splinterlands team is almost done with theirs, if you're interested in learning more please message me on Discord: cryptoeater#5209

I got one! I can't believe I've missed 3 days! I think the first time it didn't work for me or something so then I forgot about it... Super thanks for sharing!

I also missed a day or two, saw this a while ago then forgot about it haha

I'll post the daily links in my blog so don't forget to come back and check! :)