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RE: Respect Others to be Respected

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Respect Others to be Respected
Love it,
I was thinking, yea I do that.
Of course I respect others here.
Upon closer examination I realized, I can do better at taking in others content.
Others, if given the chance will surprise, even impress with their content.
Check at all the creators, a lesson can always be found.


Oh, man... Commenting on other's stuff is beneficial on so many levels... Will give you just one example... By doing the CTP ThisIsAwesome picks every day, I meet a lot of new people... not just from the CTP, but from the crypto (Hive) part, and there are some awesome people with great ideas...

Already met a couple of people that made me think about some of the crypto projects... and after a month-two, got results from my investments...

You never know with whom will you end networking... ;)