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RE: Don't Look Back .:. A missed opportunity can turn into an avoided mistake

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Emotions are not the best friends of the trader in general. I've learned that the hard way LOL. I think that you are right to point out that FOMO is not a good situation to be trading in. There will always be new opportunities. The chances that the market turns the other way is as big as seeing the trend continuing. The long ther trend holds, the bigger the chances for a reversal. I like to think that it's a good idea to buy constantly in slow parts, averaging. Set on several horses and hope that one will be the winner...

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It's always the same problem over and over... As we have everything INSTANT, people have no patience to wait in trading either... Long-term HODLing is considered if you keep some crypto for a month, and short-term trading is counted in minutes... Things aren't like that... It can happen, but not every time... :)

I like your horse betting analogies... :)


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