The CTP Swarm Ranking 2020

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Dear friends of the CTP community. I would like to present you the final ranking of the CTP Swarm for 2020.

After the CTP power up challenge, there were some new people who started to regularly write posts with the CTP tag and I want to include them in our CTP swarm. Some of the people that have been added, are very active on CTP but are not posting regularly. I want to include them to encourage them to post more often :-)

These are the people that are new in the CTP swarm:




@filotasriza3, @behiver, @khan.dayyanz, @anderssinho, @kaseldz, @fiberfrau, @successchar, @harpreetjanda, @aiovo

Thanks to these new people joining, there are now 11 Dolphins in the Swarm and some others are very close to Dolphin status.

The advantages of being in the CTP swarm

Our target is to help everybody in this swarm to evolve to reach the next level in Hive Power. Our main tool to do this is the CTP Swarm Booster. The account @ctpsb is upvoting the people in the swarm. The account votes maximum one time per day and only on posts that carry the #ctp tag. Another condition is that the posts have a certain quality standard.

The minimum standard for posts to be upvoted is that the post has a good inviting title, a picture and is composed of at least 100 words. The most important however is that the content is yours and that you don't copy it from somewhere else.

Please consider that there is no guarantee that your posts get upvoted. The account has a certain amount of voting power and if this voting power is used then the account can't vote.

Help us develop the CTPSB project

You can help to develop the CTPSB project in many ways. You can buy CTPSB tokens on the market and the proceeds will be used to power up the account. You can also delegate Hive Power to the account and you will get dividends paid out in CTP tokens every week. Another way to support the project is to delegate hive-engine tokens to @ctpsb.

Ok let's now go to the ranking!

The Ranking


UserHP 28.12

Dolphin Swarm

UserHP 28.12

Candidates for the Dolphin Swarm

RankUserHP 28.12

Is your name missing in this ranking? If you post regularly on ctptalk then write a comment so that I may add you to the list.

P.S: 10% of the author rewards of this post go to the @ctpsb account

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Welcome to the fun @mytechtrail ;)

And I can't wait to see this tribe grow in 2021...Wait until you see what we have planned :)

Wait until you see what we have planned

Always love to hear such things. It kind of gets me excited LOL

Congratulations to the new member @mytechtrail in the Swarm and all the Candidates for the Dolphin Swarm. Next year seems to be on track to be increasingly positive.

Thanks a lot for stopping by. I'm confident that the Swarm will grow in 2021 :-)

Thanks for the update Achim! My goal is to make it to Dolphin by April 1st. So that's 90 days plus the last 3 full days of this year. As of right now today I have 2619.715 HP. So if I get about 26 HP a day for the next 93 days I will hit that goal.

That's a great goal for the first quarter of 2021. Double your HP in 3 months. Good luck - you can do it!

Good Morning and Happy New Year, David! Thank you for that. I appreciate the support. Enjoy your day! 😀

Made in Canva


I like the way you define your goal and you take it down to how much hp you need to get per day. I hope you reach that goal!

Good Morning and Happy New Year, Achim! Thank you for the support!😀 Enjoy your day.

Made in Canva


Let us all keep growing for 2021 🎉🎉🎉

Thanks for your amazing support throughout the year! Let's do it :-)

Thanks for welcome. Let's build it together.

Welcome man! It will be fun to build this together!

I am very confident to reach Dolphinhood in 2021.

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When I look at your progress during 2020, I have no doubt about that :-)

Thanks for the warm welcome, no to just get to posting....


Welcome to the Swarm and hopefully we will be able to read some posts from you ;-)

So hi I'm trying to understand how to do this so should I take my CPT tokens and transfer them or buy hive tokens and then use the hive to power up . Also is there a way I can send you a private message

Each time when you write posts on ctptalk, you earn automatically also some hive. Of course you can also sell CTP tokens and buy hive with it. You can DM me on discord (achim03#9293)

I thought you say that I have to get it tomorrow of course

Certainly I thought you were somebody else and I didn't want to talk about it in public but you're not that person so we're good

It's great to see how everyone is progressing in their quest for dolphinhood. Thank you so much for bringing this information to the general population in a manner that is easy to digest.

I also like to see the progress that all the others are doing. I see people who were dolphin after me, passing me and this kind of gives me motivation to do better ;-)

Thank you for this great update, Achim. This is really exciting stuff!

Welcome to all the new people in the swarm!

My wife and I are taking a couple of days to just wind down a bit and relax. So, currently, I pop in and check on things whenever I am close to the computer. But, as from next week I'll start getting back to the normal

In the meantime, enjoy your Christmas season and thank you for all your hard work. It is highly appreciated!

My wife and I are taking a couple of days to just wind down a bit and relax. So, currently, I pop in and check on things whenever I am close to the computer. But, as from next week I'll start getting back to the normal

It's good to take some days off from time to time to get a recharge. Looking forward to reading your posts again :-)

hehehe i am close to becoming a dolphin!!

Only a couple of hundred hive away! Probably the first person to become dolphin in 2021 !

Hi @achim03.ctp

If you post regularly on ctptalk then write a comment so that I may add you to the list.

I post in CTP quite often. Can you please add me. Thank you.

Hi @reeta0119
Thanks a lot for stopping by. It would be a pleasure to welcome you in the swarm. To qualify you need to have CTP tokens staked, to post regularly with the CTP tag and also to interact with the community. Make sure to stake some CTP tokens and to increase your stake over time :-)

Hi @achim03.ctp
sure. I am on it from now on and will do the same as suggested. Thanks.

Hi @achim03.ctp
Thanks to you for sharing this post and I wait for this post. Glad to see the growth of everyone mentioned. I am happy to achieve the 2020 goal with 20K HP and hope 2021 will be an even better year for all of us on the hive. have a great day. Thanks.

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Congratulations on achieving this amazing goal! Hope you manage to progress at the same rate in 2021 :-)