How to use Torum to develop your business

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If you are a CTP fan and have joined Torum these last days, this means that you have probably been invited by @jongolson. What you should know about this platform is that it is a very young one and the owners of the platform have big plans for it.

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Torum can help your business in many ways

In order to get the maximum from this platform, you shouldn't just look at the tokens that you are earning. It's a perfect place not only to increase your network but also to promote your business or your blog posts.

The best way to progress here is to follow as many people as possible and interact with them. There isn't so much content yet and if you don't follow people, your feed might seem a bit empty. When you get followed by others, you will increase your reach and your content can access people that come outside of the hive ecosystem.

Reach out of the bounderies

When you look at the different clans, they represent an amazing potential. Of course it's great to be a member in the CTP Swarm. However the people here know you already and they know how to find your stuff. Imagine now that you follow other clans and you actually create threads there. You become visible to people who don't know you at all. You can bring added value, interact and promote your lead capture pages. When you post a thread in these clans, it will be visible for everybody. Also you can link to your posts on Hive or Ctptalk and people might get interested in these platforms.

I believe this has a lot of potential for us to develop and grow. If we all do that, CTP might get some new members and new eyes.

The advantage is that all these people are already familiar with crypto but they aren't necessarily familiar with what we do!

Have a nice day!


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Thank you Achim, I signed up today, so I will see how it goes.

Great, hope to see you there :-)

Great advice for all of us newbies on TORUM, Achim! It is a great place to learn more about Crypto currency in general.

I believe it is. I'm having a nice time and it could be useful for our business :-)

It is fun but a little confusing to figure out what I can contribute as far as content. I will mostly be upvoting and curating other peoples' posts and threads for now.

Have a great day!


Made in Canva


Great advices

Thank you :-)

Nice one
Well explained in simple words.👍

Thank you for the kind feed-back :-)

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